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It’s another day for you to #KnowYourSigns as we continue our traffic education explaining different road traffic signs, what they mean, and what you should do when you see them.

Two common Warning Signs Are;

The Carriage Way Narrow

The Carriage Way Widens road signs

These signs are used to indicate a change in the width of the road.

The Carriage Way Narrow sign generally warns you that the road ahead is not as wide as the road you are currently traveling on. It can sometimes be used along with other warning signs that provide more details.

The Carriage Way Narrow sign is often used when both lanes on the right and left ends of the road close up ahead to merge into adjacent lanes.

So what do you do when you see this sign?

When you see a Carriage Way Narrow sign, you do not need to take any immediate action. What you should do is to evaluate your current position whether the sign may affect you.

If you are traveling on a road with multiple lanes & the lane you are currently driving in may continue on while the lane on the right (or left) from you may end, you should prepare for cars merging into your lane and act accordingly.

If you’re on either of the outside lanes about to end, you should prepare to slow down to merge into an adjacent lane. Please note that the Right of way belongs to the vehicles on the lane you’re merging into.

The Carriage Way Widens sign indicate that the road expands into additional lanes ahead. This means there will be space for more traffic to flow into.

This sign also does not require you to take any immediate action. All you need to do is to remain alert to traffic around you moving into other available lanes and adjust your movement as required.

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