These are not the best of times for Nigeria as a country and us as a people. An hitherto peaceful protest has turned into a bloody scenario. I am sad.

That i have led protests as a member of human rights movement and as President of Student Union in the Students Movement. I wouldnt have been here today if I have been killed.

It is in the light of the above and in the reasoning that only the living aspires, that I speak strongly against the killing of some protesters in the ongoing nation wide #endsars protest.

The killing is condemnable and no less are the perpetrators.
Cloud of grief envelopes our country and there are ominous signs of uncertainty everywhere. So sad.

All I could urge us now is to pray fervently that God heals our land and grant us enabling peace to do justice.
Tough time dont last, but though men do. Let’s remain strong and be fat in faith that God will intervene in our glaring predicament.

May the souls of the fallen heroes be admitted to the Graceland of heaven.

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