1)Eye drops can be used for one month after opening the droppers.

2)Antibiotic syrups can be used for one week when stored in room temperature but can be used for two weeks if stored at 4•C, same goes for antibiotic suspensions

3)Ampoules should be used immediately if opened. Don’t use if cracked.

4)Tablets and capsules are more stable in the package.

It is important to know that, after opening of the drug container the expiring date actually becomes shorter, this is because of external factors and decreased concentration as the drug is under usage.

Eye drops should be used within those periods because with usage the concentration is decreased so therefore creating more room for contamination with usage as such to get the best from your eye drops, used it within a month.

Ampoules is for injection, it should be checked whether it is cracked or leaking in anyway. If so, it shouldn’t be used as it might have been contaminated giving that it is to be injected directly into the blood stream.

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