3 Oct 2023


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The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rep. Femi Gbajabiamila has said that the House is committed to increasing the allocation to the health sector with a view to improving the well-being of Nigerians.

Speaking at a 2-day training organised for health workers by his office in Lagos State, the Speaker said the programme was to improve their capacity to be able to handle the Covid-19 situation better.

The Speaker, who paid glowing tributes to all health workers across the country for the way they have handled the Covid-19 situation so far, said he believed they deserve more attention in terms of training and capacity building.

“Through all of this, our medical professionals have shown exemplary courage and commitment. Their efforts have renewed our faith in the human spirit and shown us that we are, each one of us, capable of extraordinary greatness and of courage beyond measure”

”This moment also requires that governments at all levels continue to support the training, welfare and wellbeing of the medical professionals who are at the forefront of this existential battle. We owe them that much, and so much more.”

The Speaker added that the House “has committed to increasing the appropriations due to the health sector so that we can remedy the weaknesses of infrastructure and capacity, access and quality that bedevil our national health care system.

“When the final account of this moment is given, we will not forget to credit the health workers and medical professionals who have helped us here in Nigeria, and others all over the world, to manage and overcome the ravages of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“So, while we anticipate this medical breakthrough, we must brace ourselves to deal with the reality of now. And the truth is that we still have work to do to ensure that we survive this battle against disease and death.

“That work begins with making sure that all our citizens continue to observe the Covid-19 guidelines and keep looking out for one another as we have done so far.” Speaker femi gbajabiamila thanked the Governor Sanwo-Olu for attending the programme as well as other partners.

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