3 Oct 2023


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In case you haven’t, it is a multi-sector partnership effort to ensure that our children in Lagos state are all in school.

You can also be our partner on this project by sharing in our vision. Encourage your families, friends, and neighbours to send their children to school and reach out to Lagos SUBEB if you have a child out-of-school.

Together, we can see to it that all our children in Lagos state receive quality basic education.

Meanwhile, it is another weekend. Another opportunity for our dear pupils in primary 1-3 and our dear special needs pupils to further their learning.

Pupils in primary 1-3 will have their lessons come up today (Saturday) at 10 am and tomorrow (Sunday) at 3 pm on LTV.

Meanwhile, tomorrow (Sunday), our dear pupils with special needs will have their lessons come up at 11 am on LTV.

Orukotan Patrick Adebunmi is a pupil from one of our inclusive units who won himself some packs of Magik Fruit Juice and a new school bag for his active participation and eagerness. We say thank you to his parents for their commitment to his success.

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