Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa, Chairman/CEO, NIDCOM has congratulated Nigerian – born Adewale Adeyemo on his nomination by the US President-Elect Joe Biden as the US Deputy Treasury Secretary “Wally” Adeyemo, who was a former senior international economic adviser during the Obama administration has spent his career working with organizations that are at the intersection of public policy, the private sector and non-profits focused on creating economic opportunity.

In a congratulatory message, Dabiri-Erewa said that Adeyemo’s nomination by the US President-Elect will make him the first ever black person to be the Deputy Secretary of the USA Treasury.

The NIDCOM boss acknowledged that Adeyemo’s nomination is not surprising going by the success he attained in the various positions he held before now. She wished Adeyemo a smooth ,flawless senate confirmation and unparalleled success on his new job.

Adeyemo, before working in the Obama Administration, was working as Editor at Hamilton Project where he worked as Senior Adviser and Deputy Chief of staff to Jack Lew of United States Department of Treasury.

He currently serves as the President of the Obama foundation but before his appointment as the President of the Obama foundation, he has served in various positions in the Obama administration.

He was the deputy director of the National Economic Council; The assistant Secretary for the international markets and devt at the Treasury department; Deputy Chief of Staff of the Treasury department in 2012; Chief of staff of the consumer Financial protection Bureau in 2010.

Adeyemo got his Degree from the University of California, Berkeley and his juris Doctor from Yale Law School.

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