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1st message
Bishop David Abioye


without getting set the going cannot be great.
God doesn’t visit His people without notice. Ex19:10-19 preparation is never too much. Amos4:12
Why Must we get set?
So as to be prepared for what God has already prepared for us. 1cor2:9, 3:21, Lk14:17 our preparations is what places limits on our turnaround encounters.
2chron27:6 when we are ready God is ready.

What does it take to get set for my turnaround encounters?

  • Sanctify yourself: purge yourself of any form of dirtiness or Filthiness. Ex19:10
    It is not our turn for God to show up until we clean up. Josh3:5
    You can appear before God and not get His appearance. Zech3:2-3, isa6:1-7-8, 1john 1:9
    Our sanctification is God’s passage into our lives. Sanctification brings us into spiritual alignment with God. Heb12:14, 2thes4:3 hosea 7:1, habakkuk 1:13, Ex3:5, col3:8-9, Eph4:22-32 , 1john 3:3.
    Engage the power of the HOLY ghost 1cor6:9-11
    Lk9:28-29 pray in the Holy Ghost.
  • Clearly define your mission for attending Shiloh 2020. Rev1:9, matt6:22
  • Be spiritually Alert. To listen to hear what God is saying and to see what God is showing habakkuk 2:1-3
    Your alertness determines the answer you will get. Where you stand and how you stand, determines what you see and hear. Rev1:10, 4:1-2 . Climb up from carnality, worrying and everything you left at home. 1kgs 19:11-12
  • Be fervent in prayers.
    Fervency in prayers is an attraction of divine attention. Lk3:21-22, 9:28-35
    No one ever encounters turnaround by praying casual prayers. Pray to a point that not but give you attention.

2nd Message
Bishop David Oyedepo

At redemption God becomes our father and He is a turnaround God. Gen1:1-3
We have a turnaround God. Gen21:2-7
2chron 20:3, 22,24
Ps126:1 At redemption we have a turnaround saviour and His name is JESUS. Lk7:14 we serve a turnaround Saviour. John11:44, Mk 4:41-44, lk5:26, mk2:12

The HOLY Ghost is a turnaround spirit. Isa41:17-18, 44:3-4 , John 14:16-17, acts 4:13
At new birth Eph2:19 We were inducted into a turnaround family and lineage.
We have a turnaround Saviour who is the head of our family. Gen30:27, 39:5, 1 Pet 2:9
Dan11:32 we carry within us a turnaround spirit that makes us a turnaround agent.
There’s a turnaround grace in manifesting in GOD’S children.
Fear is a plague. If you submit to it, it will torment you.

GOD’S turnaround encounters is not a once and for all event, but a one and again event. Deuteronomy 2:3
We are not redeemed to stink, but we are redeemed to shine. And God has ordained continuous turnaround experiences for us. Prov3:18 , 1cor13:10
Gen1:1 GOD’S turnaround experiences operates suddenly to unveil to us GOD’S turnaround mandate for the moment.
Ex3:1, acts2:2, mal3:1
God comes to us suddenly. Rev1:10 That’s why we must be men and women of the spirit.
GOD’S sudden visitation demands prompt response for delivery.
Gen12:22 it takes prompt response to maximize GOD’S sudden visitation.
John 5:4
Every apostolic grace is available to whosoever is interested phil1:6, gal1:16, 1kgs19:20
When God speaks move, else you will be removed.
I’ve a turnaround heritage in redemption.
I now belong to the household of God.
Prov 18:1 expect and position yourself for sudden visitation.
John 3:8

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