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Engaging the Prayer Altar For Turnaround Encounters.

2cor5:7 Matt5:13 There are no 2 forces that are critical to turnaround encounters like light and salt.
We are the agents of turnaround that God introduces to situations on the earth. Ps126:6
Eze 21:27 Behind any turnaround experience of any man is an encounter with God 1cor 4:7.
Encountering God is the foundational experience of turnaround on the earth. 2cor3:18

Prayer is at the foundation of our turnaround encounters with God.

Lk9:28-29 as Jesus prayed the fashion of His countenance was altered.
Any God says must be heard matt3:17 meaning when we pray our authority is enhanced and as we continue to pray our authority level increases. Acts19:16

Lk9:43 power is in degrees and levels and we can increase our power level through prayers Eph3:20.
What God does for, with and through us is by the level of our authority.
You enlarge your capacity to increase your authority. On the altar of prayers you increase your capacity.

Acts 4:29-33, prov 24:10 Don’t complain about the situation, change the dimension of your power. When there’s a threat what you require is greater strength.
1cor 15:10 What becomes of us is grace determined and the level of grace we operate in is prayer DETERMINED.
When a man encounters God, he cannot be threatened in life.
The voice of authority is stimulated by heavens authority.

Gen22:24-28 Jacob was a man exposed to all forms of difficulties. He prayed till he prevailed. Isa 9:8

EX34:27-32, 4:1, 19:9-11,19 Moses encountered God on the altar of prayers and the people heard him. He became a voice to his generation.

1 SAM 30:6-9, 19-21 His losses were turned to restoration through prayers. 2sam 5:19-20 You can’t loose out in life when prayer is your life. A prayerful life is a powerful life that knows no defeat.


  • PROV 18:23 Define your expectations.
    God will respond to you on the basis of your expectations.
  • Anchor your desire on His word. His word is what gives us a right with God.
    1 John 5:14-15, Num23:19, Heb 6:16-18
    Every prayer point is backed up with scriptures.
  • Jer 30:21 Engage your heart to approach God. Jer17:10. GOd responds to the connectivity of our heart.
  • Matt21:22 Engage your faith on the altar of prayers. When there’s no faith there’s bad network.
    When you approach God with a certainty of faith you come out with result.
  • Approach Him with Thanksgiving. Ps100:4 Phil 4:6


  • John 9:31 Sanctification. Isa 59:1
    God cannot be connected when a life is not connected.
  • Have a heart for God. When your love for God is confirmed your prayers must be answered. Rom8:28


The word of God is a major covenant platform for turnaround.
The word brings not just impact but insights that guarantees a turnaround.
Lk5:1-7, John 2:5, Dan 9:2-3, Jer 29:10
Captivity will continue until the book is opened.

Functions of the word.

  • 2tim 3:16 The word brings corrections.
  • The word brings directions. Ps119:105
    Directions guarantees Effortless turnaround.
    Anytime you know what to do, you leave where you are.
  • The word brings restoration. Lk15:8
    There is nothing so lost that cannot be found by the light of the word.
  • The word brings illumination.
    John1:1-5 It disarms the force of the night, because night time always give way to day light.
  • It brings distinctions. Isa 60:1, matt16:13-17 It separates you from the crowd. To be lighted by the word is to be outstanding in the world. Matt5:14
  • The word brings elevation. Gal 2:2
    To be lighted is to be lifted and shifted higher in life. It is not about how late you came it is about how lighted you are 2 pet 3:15.
    Movement from the background to the forefront is a function of light.
  • It brings revolution. Drastic change of level.
  • It brings purification. Ps 119:9,11. John 5:3 the bible will keep you from sin.
  • It brings impartation of power for change. Eze2:2, John 6:63, lk4:32 when the word comes, power comes.
    Jer 20:9, job6:25
  • It brings liberation. Ps105:19-20
    Your chains breaks. Ps107:20 John 8:32, 17:17
    Revelations guarantees liberation. Lk10:16

What to do to encounter light from the word.

  • Possess meekness. James1:21, ps25:9
  • Walk in uprightness. James1:21
  • Function in excitement. Isa12:3 Jer 15:16
  • Pray for light and insight. Ps119:18, 43:3
  • Make enquiries as you study. Jer 6:16
  • Possess the attitude of expectancy. Hab 2:1
  • Document what you see. Rev1:11 when you pen the light you pull more light. Mk4:24
  • Be desperate. Hosea 6:3 desperation activates revelation
  • Engage the spirit. 1cor2:9, Eph1:17-18, John 16:13.
  • Engage the blood mystery. Lk24:30-31, Rev5:1-6
  • Align with the ministry of anointed teachers. Acts 8:29, dan9:2


HEB 10:38, 11:8
Encounters are real and God specialises in orchestrating turnaround encounters for His children.

What is a turnaround?
It is an abrupt, rapid and positive change.
We required to engage with our faith to encounter turnaround.
Faith makes the invincible God real to the believer. Rom4:17-18

HEB 11:27 faith changes hope into reality.
Faith is what determines our status in the kingdom of God.

Why is faith so important?

  • Every upward change in the life of a believer will always require the force of faith. 2cor5:7
    In the kingdom of God we can only walk by faith and not by sight.
    Don’t be deceived by your current circumstances, because your situation will change for the better.
  • No one can tell how real God is until His or her faith comes alive. John 20:25-29
    1 sam 3:21
  • All the heroes of bible days are men and women of diverse encounters through their faith. Heb 11:1-40, Gen12:1, 24:1, Lk5:3-10, 2kgs 25:29, Esther 4:1-end
    We must engage our faith for our desired encounters.

What to do to enjoy turnaround encounter.

  • Go for the word. Rom10:12, acts 6:4, ps119:130 locate GOD’S word for your specific situation l. Jer15:16
    Refuse to give up; hold on to the word of God.
  • Secure GOD’S voice. Ps29:4 The voice of God imparts faith. You can’t hear God and doubt Him.
    Acts 22:7, Ex7:1

Faith is in measures and it grows.
Focus on the word to grow your faith.


It is our level of faith that defines the quality of our lives. Hab2:4
Every vision requires faith for delivery.
You need to mind your faith to grow your life and fulfill your enviable destiny in christ.

Faith places a demand on anyone that wants to see it grow. Acts 8:30
Spiritual understanding of the truth is what grows your faith.
Without enlisting in the school of faith under accredited faith masters, you can’t grow your faith.

Your must enlist in the school of faith under faith masters who also are graduates from the school of faith.

EPH4:8-13 There are gifts of men whose mission is to bring us to the unity of faith which they operate. Rom10:8
The understanding of people opens up as they are taught.
Acts 3:6
Hosea 4:6 what you don’t know, you don’t know. What you won’t learn you can’t know. Isa5:13 what you don’t know you will pay for it.
Learn at the feet of those that are sent to learn what you don’t know.
Many are struggling night and day because they won’t learn.
Everything about life thrieves on knowledge.
1cor 8:2, John 14:12
The question is were am I now in the process of my destiny? Is the ultimate question.

Giants of faith are built by feasting on the nutritions of other giants before them.
Our faith should be enough to carry the encounters God is set to deliver to us.
We need capacity to receive and as we receive we pursue.
Our faith capacity must change levels to maximize any encounters with God.

God has alot of great packages but we need our faith to catch it.
Nobody prospers by what he’s given, we prosper by what we give.
Ps 50:12 you don’t wait for faith to grow, you build your faith.

Love provides a platform for unlimited access to revelation and faith gives us spiritual access to the truth.
John 15:15, isa2:1
When you hear the word, you are informed and when you see it you are transformed.
GOD’S love at work in our heart gives us unlimited access to revelation.
Stay in love and keep growing in your love for God and you will keep growing in revelations.
The larger your heart for God the greater your access to revelation.
Rom 8:10,14,15, 2 pet1:2, Lk10:4
Thank God for the bible but thank God for those who have proved the bible by the acts of God on their lives.
2tim 4:13 we write spiritual exams daily, so we must study daily. Rev 3:17 we must keep growing because God has great plans for us. Matt 11:27-28, ps 25:9, Ex33:12
You can’t enlist in His school without meekness. Lk16:29 God have people He has place in your path that you must hear otherwise you will never make any kind of progress.
Faith doesn’t happen by chance, you must consciously cultivate it.
Most transformations are personal between you and God.

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