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It is not sitting down that gets you an encounter, it is standing on your watch to hear what He will say to you.
There’s always how to stand to hear from Him. Hab 2:1-3
You need personal knowledge of God to escape from demonic prophecies.
Isa 52:7, 2 pet 1:19.
2 Tim 3:16 Those who don’t have a thirst for instructions are on their path to destruction.
Deut28:1 Nothing can ever take the place of instruction. John 5:30, Phil 2:8
Every instructions of scriptures matters in defining our future. Encounters come mainly as instructions to put us on the course of destiny.

If you cannot be corrected, you are not a candidate for encounter.
Ps 126:4, prov 4:18, 1 cor13:10
GOD’S turnaround encounters is a once and again experience until JESUS comes.
1 cor 6:9-10, Rom 6:1 prov 9:1. 1 cor 15:19 heaven is on heavens terms and not on our terms. We must be mindful of what we hear. 1 John 3:7 No one flies in the kingdom without the fear of God. Gen42:18

Rom 8:28 Every child of God is called by God’s mystery of predestination.
The love of God is the cure for ups and downs in life.
Love is the master key to a world of unending turnaround.
God is committed to manifesting Himself to His lovers.
John 14:22 loving God with proofs entitled believers to continuous encounters with God.
Gen12:1,4, 13:15, 15:1, 17:1, 18:1, 21:1. Isa 41:8

Moses enjoyed unusual manifestations.
Deuteronomy 34:10-12
A man or woman can enjoy encounters Naturally from God through their love for God. Prov 23:26 You can’t love God and not know. John 21:15-17
When you are in love, supernatural encounters becomes your lifestyle.
God is no more committed to leading you than your commitment to following Him.
Every encounters usually culminates in the opening up of a new chapter.

Loving JESUS is the covenant qualifier for unending encounters. Acts 16:9
Eph 1:1-11, 1 sam13:14, acts 2:30,
2 sam5:14, No life will ever be greater than the encounters that such life is exposed to.
1 kgs3:3,7, 1 cor2:9, 1kgs 4:34, 11:1
Be in love, stay in love and keep growing in your love for God and your life will be characterised by encounters day in, day out.

Persecution is a proof of your strong position in life. Deploy the energy you engage in reacting to people to pursue your vision.

Dan 5:11 sos 8:6, dan 6:10
all lovers of God are turnaround candidates in GOD’S agenda.
Isa 54:1-5, ps 66:7, 45:6 when your creator becomes your husband, your turnaround encounters becomes continuous.
As long as your marriage with JESUS is in place, encounters becomes natural.
The greatest task of any man is to espouse his children to JESUS. Rev 21:9
Everyone in the faith has the opportunity to be listed amongst the lambs bride.
Matt 22:37-40, 10:37 it is not just being in love but loving JESUS above all else is what entitles us to be His spouse.
Zech 2:8, John 14:21, prov 23:26, Eph 5:23-30, ps 22:8

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