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Engagement with the HOLY Ghost for TURNAROUND (Bishop Thomas Aremu)

life that is run alone will end up in a crash because life is too detailed to be toiled with.
Gen 1:1-2 The HOLY Ghost is the spirit of turnaround. Most of the things we do, we do in ignorance because we don’t take time to consult with the HOLY Ghost.
Life is a wilderness of wild beast.
We need a guide to avoid being devoured by the enemy. Lk3: 21-22
The acts of the apostles are the acts of the HOLY Ghost. Don’t trust yourself because you are limited. Acts 2:1-4 , John 14:16-17
The worldly can’t engage Him because they know him not.

The dwelling place of the HOLY Ghost is our heart and not our head.
Turn around experience is by the spirit of God. Zech 4:6

What is The relevance of the HOLY Ghost in securing Turnaround?
He is very relevant in everything we do.
He’s relevant to everyone who cares to engage Him.
-He’s the spirit of holiness. Rom1:4 because everything looks lawful on the earth, so we need Him to guide us.
-He’s the spirit of the fear of the Lord.
-He’s the spirit of truth. John 8:44
-He’s the spirit of faith.
-He’s the spirit of grace.
-He’s the spirit of grace and supplication and strengthen us on the altar of prayers. Rom8:26
-He’s the spirit of love.
-He’s the spirit of Excellence. Wisdom and understanding belongs to Him. Isa 11:2, Lk 4:18
-He’s the spirit of counsel. He counsels us to breakthrough and turnaround.

How do I engage Him to get my turnaround?

  • Be born again. John 3:3
  • Understand that you have your root in destiny from Him.
  • Recognize that you are helpless without Him. Lk24:49 Before you commit to any assignment, get the direction of the Holy Ghost. Rom 8:14
  • Seek His baptism.
  • Believe in repeated empowerment. It is what guarantees continuous victory. Acts4:30-33
  • Fellowship with Him. He loves fellowship 2cor13:14
  • Gal5:25 Walk in the spirit. Rev1:10 only the spirit will determine your next steps.
  • Desire spiritual gifts. 1cor 12:7-9
  • Eph4:20,31 Please don’t grieve Him.

Exploring Covenant Platforms for Turnaround Encounters with God (Pst. David Ibiyomie)

Josh 24:15 Our covenant fathers enjoyed turnarounds with God through covenant services. Jer 6:15-17,
Rom15:4, Heb 6:12 In every meeting there are 2 sets of people. Those who apply what they heard and others who don’t apply it.
It is what you apply that makes you powerful.

Job1:8 In every field of human endeavours there are people who know the way, shows the way and have walked the way.

Covenant Platforms of Job.

  1. Patience. James 5:11 If you’ve made a choice to serve God then you need patience. Patience is the fuel and energy that keeps you going until you blaze the trail. Mk13:13
    It is a fruit of the spirit.
    God is not against speed but against unholy speed.
    Rewards for service has a time called waiting time. A time for waiting is a time for building capacity.
    You have to serve your way to the top.
    What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you.
    Everytime you are sowing a seed don’t think it is a waste. James 5:7,11. Lk 21:19
    Everything of value takes time to manifest.
    Job had several challenges, but he never stopped serving God.
    That you have a challenge doesn’t mean you have committed sin. Rom8:35
  2. Live for others to live. Any service that does not touch mankind is faith. Job29:11-18
    There’s no exercise better than for the heart to look down and lift people up. John 14:19
    Giving cannot make anyone poor.
    If you want to live in joy, then live for others. 2cor12:15
    No fruit can eat itself and no water can drink itself and no soil can grow itself. We can be this 3 forces of nature to people around us.
    You have to give what you don’t have to have access to what God has stored for you. Job 29:15-16
    No man can pity you out of poverty. Learn to share with others no matter how little it is.
    Lk16:10-11 Distribution is the secret of supernatural supplies.
    Matt 25:21-23 The reward for service is more service. God doesn’t expect our service to reduce.
    Mk13:13 Serve God till the end of time.
    There’s faithful service and there’s faceful service. Serve with all your heart and God who is ever faithful to reward you.

Engage with Scriptural instructions for Turnaround (By Bishop David Abioye)

Ps32:8 God is committed not only to father us but to instruct us. Isa 48:17,21
Not all children of God are profitable, many are liabilities because they always ask for things.
God wants every of His children to live a profitable life. Dryness is caused by lack of instruction. Instructions is the highway out of destruction.
God expects us to graduates from children to students. Gods intention is to take us to the high places of the earth but it can only come through listening to God and acting on them. Deut28:1
Instructions are ladders to the top. You can’t follow instructions and remain beneath.
Deut 32:9-13 those who follow instructions are always protected.
Instructions is the maker of our destiny.

If you see any man made, ask what instructions he obeyed.

How does instructions come?

  • By an audible voice.
    Abraham Gen12:1-4,
    Moses Ex3:7-10, deut 34:10
    JESUS John 5:30
  • By the voice of God in scriptures.
    Scriptures is the documented voice of God. Deut28:1 The voice of God is in the Bible.
    2tim 3:16
    The bible is largely a book of instructions.
    The more instructions you access, the higher you fly in life.
    No journey or adventure ever succeeds with any instructions to abide with. Lk16:12
    When you are instructed, you are energised.
    Instructions is what makes great men and giants in life.
    Those who walk use common sense, those who run use principles, those who fly use instructions.
    Every new page of our lives opens up by instructions.

How Do You Maximize Scriptural Instructions?

  • Identify your perculiar needs and enquire about what to do to meet it.
    Mk10:17-21 God likes people who ask questions. There’s an interest from God towards those who ask questions.
    Acts2:37, 16:30-31
    Salvation follows a process. Don’t assume anything so that you’ll not pray amidst.
    The size of your questions will determine your ultimate size in life.
    You are as limited to the enquiries you make. You can’t get answers beyond the scope of the questions you ask.
    The subject of instruction cannot be outgrown in life. There’s no independence spiritually. 1chron15:13
    Don’t worry if you’ve failed, just go back to God Ex 25:9
  • Search for answers in scriptures. John 5:39, job 36:3
  • Meditate on instructions so as to find out the details that God wants you to do. Itim4:13-15 It helps us to acquire the details of what we are supposed to do.
  • Embrace instructions are follow them adherently and consistently.

Proverbs for instructions
Prov 4:13 Destiny is tied to instructions.
Prov 8:10, 33 Instructions will outlive silver and gold.
Prov 10:17 If you refuse instructions, mistakes will continue to be your portion.
Prov 12:1 You destroy your destiny without instructions

  • Don’t be weary of corrections. Prov 3:11-12, 2tim 3:16
  • Beware of those who despise instruction.
    They don’t want you to fly, so you’ve to be wise.

Why do people fail to follow instructions?

  • John 2:5 Because it looks too ridiculous and simple. The ridiculous instructions births the miraculous.
  • They say it is too hard to follow. Mk 10:17,21-30
  • The instruction looks too slow. Gal6:9
  • They are too modern for God. Jer6:16
    If you’re too smart, you will never see it work in your life.

Scriptural instructions

  • John 15:16 Instruction to be a soul winner.
  • The instruction for diligence. Prov 22:29
    Be diligent where you are. 1 Sam 16:19
  • Giving. Lk 6:38



Procrastination is an enemy of destiny.
Dive into GOD’S instructions with patience and wait until it produce.
Slacking is an enemy. Encounters holds no value without engaging with the smartness required.
Be smart!

1Thes 5:21 Every instructions have its proofs in scriptures and this helps us gauge whether we are in tune or note.

  • John 15:15 You flow freely in revelations. As long as you remain in love the flow continues.
  • You manifest unusual passion for the interest of His kingdom. The zeal of His house Naturally consumes you. Ps 69:9
    John 2:17, Phil 1:21
    When kingdom affairs don’t touch you , you are out of touch.
  • Your passion for souls come alive. John 21:15, 3:16, 1 John 3:18 Rom 8:28
  • We identify with JESUS shamelessly. Mk8:38, Rom 1:16, Lk 6:16
  • You will love His house and you will be addicted to fellowship ps 84:1-11, 112:1-6 16:11 zeph 3:17, Dan 11:32
  • Giving becomes a delight. 2 cor8:8, John 3:16, 1 John 3:17-18, 1 chron 29:3, 1 John 4:21
  • Delightsome obedience becomes a delight. John 14:21
    Every commandment of God is for our profiting. GOD’S commandments is not a suggestion but an instruction. Ps112:1-3
  • You live His word. Col 3:16 You see the book as the solution book of life.
  • Serving God becomes a delight. Job1:8, 42:10 you still serve GOD’S interest in the midst of your distress.
  • When you are in love forgiveness becomes a way of life. Heb 10:15
    If you allow bitterness in your heart, you won’t make progress.
    You can always gauge where you stand.
  • You are steadfast and consistent in your stewardship. Gal 6:9 job 36:11
    Serving God is not a calling is a choice. Lk10:19, 1 pet 3:13. Job13:15
  • Supernatural Strength. 1john 4:16 ,
    Isa 40:28-31 Eph 3:17-19 There’s no limit to our strength when we serve God. Deut 34:7
    2 cor11:25 Rom8:37 He’s strength keeps manifesting in your life.
  • Diverse and turnaround encounters becomes your natural experience. 1cor 2:9

We must keep appraising ourselves with these 13 points.
Our love for God makes us highly profitable citizens on the earth.
Express answers to prayers follows our love for God.
Our love for God is validated by the joy of the Lord in our lives. ps16:11, John 14:21

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