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Dec 9, 2020 ,

1. Don’t use alcohol of any kind to take your drugs.

2. Don’t use cold water to take your drugs.

3. Don’t use fruit juice to take your drugs.

4. Don’t wrap your drugs in hot eba/fufu to take it.

5. Don’t use milk to take your drugs.

6. Don’t use soda drinks to take ur drugs.

To be on the safe side, don’t do any of the above, use water to take you drugs.

– Don’t use alcohol to take your drugs because, it is not healthy, alcohol increases the potency as well as the side effects of many drugs, using it to take your drugs can damage your liver.

– Don’t use cold water to take your drugs, cold water affects the digestive system and the time in which the drug is to be moved to the intestines where it is to be absorbed into the body, but how?

Cold water lowers the body’s temperature, so the body tends to spend more time in warming up the water to the normal body’s temperature than concentration on processing the drugs you just took, cold water lowers the heart rate due to the effect is has on the body’s temperature Extremely cold water can cause constipation (difficulty in moving bowels) due to the solidification effect it can have on food.

– Certain juice like grape juice can increase the side effects as well as the potency of the drugs you take as such it is advisable not to use any Juice in taking your medications.

– Don’t use hot eba/fufu to wrap your drugs and swallow it, in bid to mask the taste, the heat the eba release can denature certain drugs or even cause their degradation even before they get to the stomach.

Now imagine the drug loosing some of it effects because it was in hot eba and the gastric acid degrades the rest very little or no drug would be in the system, Leading to sublevel effects.

– Don’t use milk/diary products in place of water to take your drugs, milk can complex with antibiotics and dampen their effects. It is even advisable not to take milk within 3hrs of taking antibiotics because of this.

– Don’t use soda drink of any kind to take your medications, they can react with the medications you are taking resulting in more side effects.

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