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Ps 126:1-6 When God turns your captivity, you become the talk of the town. 1john 1:1 Apostles are ordained as pace setters, introducing and unraveling of the mysteries of the kingdom.
The altar of sacrifice is the altar of unquestionable turnaround proofs.

God is never in need. John 1:16 , 1cor4:7
God will never need the help of man for anything, but man will ever need Him for everything Ps50:10,12. Your greatness will never be larger than your meekness. 2 Sam 18:3, Ps112:10 The altar of sacrifice, is the altar of turnaround. 1 chron 29:12
A sacrifice is not an appeal to help God. Gen22:1 Ex 3:14, matt16:18 Prov 10:22
Peace and joy is the difference between God made people and effort made people.

What happens on the altar of sacrifice.

  • The curse of God on the earth was averted on the altar of sacrifice Gen8:21
  • The altar of sacrifice is were God swears a blessing Gen22:16-17
    When God swears a blessing it terminates our sorrows and struggles.
  • God stopped the plague upon Israel on the altar of sacrifice 2 sam24:16-25

A sacrifice is a desired test for your turnaround.

  • God unleashed supernatural wisdom upon Solomon on the altar of sacrifice.
    1kgs 4:29-39, 3:7, 2 sam14:20
  • Solomon encountered supernatural order of wealth on the altar of sacrifice. 1kgs 3:13
  • All your needs are met on the altar of sacrifice. Phil 4:16-19, ps112:1-3
  • The altar of sacrifice gave the shunamite woman a baby 2 kgs 4:17-18
  • It restores your health.
  • The altar of sacrifice prolongs life. Isa 65:20-23

GOD’S covenant remains Gen 22:8, ps119:89, matt24: 35, Every child of God that works genuinely in the covenant, have a great future. Mk13:35, Jer 33:20-22 Rev5:10 Prosperity talks about all round well being. Acts 20:35 Your prosperity is not in what you receive, but in what you give.

1 sam 3:21 Shiloh provides 2 platforms for turnaround, a sacrifice and a vow.
1 Sam 1:11, A vow is what your offer in your response to God meeting your demands.
A sacrifice is what you offer based on God’s demand on your life. It is not about the volume but about the cost 2 sam24:24. Prov 22:10, Deut 30:19 The choice is always ours and we are left to make it. Kingdom dreams are the highway to a boom. Every provision in the kingdom draws from our redemption; meaning one must be born again.

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