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An encounter will humble any situation and circumstances. Isa 60:2-3 Stay focused don’t let your spirit wander away so that you don’t miss your catch up moment.
Impartation mostly come via the word. Eze 2:2, 37:7 -10, James1:17 Everything good and perfect that you see in the kingdom is a gift from God.1tim 4:14. Impartation is the gift of God, transmitted into a man. Rom1:11
Num11:17, 26-29, People want to be known that’s why they’re not known. Just want more of God and you’ll be known. 1cor 15:10 Every destiny is a Product of grace. Heb 10:29

What is Grace?
It is an endowment. John 4: 38
Others have laboured and you are imparted into their labour for free. Phil 1:7 Only true sons and daughters, qualifies to share their fathers DNA. Prov 13:22, We only have inheritance in fathers, not in teachers, pastors, and so on. All God sent prophets are sent as fathers to who they are sent. 2 kgs 29:21
God is restoring spiritual fatherhood in the kingdom mal4:5-6.

We are in the days of the manifestation of the spirit of Just men made perfect.
Lk1:17. Heb12:23-24, The mantle doesn’t work in the hand of every believer. 2 chron16:9
It takes the fear of God to taste the power of God. Prov 9:10, 2 tim2:19-21, Impartation will never graduate to manifestation in the hands of every believer, because of the state of their heart. John 10:35

God can’t stand double dealings because He’s a very jealous God. Ex20:5, Jer 22:29 2 kgs 2:15
Eph 1:17 , Eze 36:27 There’s the spirit of obedience and it is released by impartation.
There’s also a grace for tireless labour.
1 cor15:10 No ones future can be greater than the quality of his labour. 2cor9:6. Faith without responsibility equals liability. John 9:4, 5:17. Grace without labour equals disgrace.
There’s a grace to access His voice behind His word. Isa 9:8, ps 63:8. The harder you follow God, the higher you fly.

God never pays leaders, he pays labourers. Only leaders that labour, set the right examples. 1 Tim 2:4, John 15:16, acts 26:22
If you know where God is taking you, you will do anything to follow. Matt 6:33 when a word comes from God, doubts die.

Grace to love God unconditionally is available through impartation. 2tim 1:17. The spirit of love empowers us to love and follow God inspite of the prevailing circumstances. ps 23:6, 68:19, prov 4:18, Eph 4:13, Joel 2: 1 -11 Scriptures and Picture Of God’s End Time Army.
Supernatural strength is one of the features of the end time army. isa 52:1. Your security is in your calling. 1 kgs 18:36, Joel 2:8. The end time army is an army of visionaries. Joel 2:28. He goes before you isa45:2. He works with you 16:20, He works for you. 1 thes 5:24, Eze 2:2.

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