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As the Paradigm shift came to the leadership of the Igbogbo Platinum Leo Club On Saturday the 12th Of December, It was all about Leo Edwin-Cole Victor emerging as the new president.

The event which took place at the ebute axis in Ikorodu, Saw Families, friends, well wishers and Leos converging at the TQ Bar to grace the official changing of the service Guard.

The program was put together to Officially to publicly present Leo Edwin-Cole Victor As the 9th President of the Igbogbo Platinum Leo Club as projected a Fund Raising segment to support the needy.

The chairman of the Day, Prince Adesegun Ogunlewe (Former head of service, Lagos State Government) in his opening speech Appreciated the commitments and Tenacity of the club to put smiles on the faces of the less privileged and zeal to project positive service in the community.

“Despite the fact that our various expectations & wants from this Government is forth coming like it should, Clubs like yours gives youth the need and spirit to drive change and make moves to better the structures of our communities and society at large.

That is why I am here today to pledge my continuous support and dedication to this course, In order for your leadership to know that you’re not alone as you work together to improve the lives of Ikorodu indegines and Residents” Prince Ogunlewe Added.

Also present to support the new leadership was The Chairman of The National Youth Council Of Nigeria (Lagos State Chapter) Billiamin Lekan Oba, Who opened doors to further an active partnership between the NYCN and Igbogbo Platinum Leo Club in areas of youth empowerment and growth after his pledge of support to the course of the fundraising.

The Outgoing President Leo Adeniji Olawale gave an extensive report on her leadership accomplishments which she captioned ‘Service Is The Only Path To Greatness’. Afterwards she thanked every member of the club for making her tenure successful and further  urged the incoming president Leo Edwin-Cole Victor to ensure a more effective progress and development is accrued by the Igbogbo Platinum Leo Club going forward.

At the mid point of the program, Induction of new members into the Igbogbo Platinum Leo Club and also the official installation of Leo Edwin-Cole Victor As the 9th President of the Igbogbo Platinum Leo Club was officiated by Leo Oduguwa Lateef

The guest speaker of the event, Prince Adeleke Aroyewun enlightened the club on the topic: ‘TODAY’S POSITIVE ACTIONS, TOMORROW’S ENDEARING LEGACIES’

I take the opportunity to speak at this dignified occasion with no small regard, I am delighted and consider it a rare honor forever cherished and never to be taken for granted.

On this note I appreciate all members of Igbogbo Platinum Leo Club particularly the committee saddled with the task of organising this programme.

Straight to the theme of the lecture Today’s Positive Actions, Tomorrow’s Endearing Legacies, I must say the theme is particularly apt in the light of recent happenings in our society and could be easily summarized in our usual Yoruba warning manner RANTI OLA.

Ladies and Gentlemen, It is important that I take us through a clear route on the main pointers in the theme to have a clear understanding and an indepth knowledge of the theme, Specifically the words ‘Positive’ which means something right by every standard and not capable of being challenged or proven wrong Action meaning a thing done, a deed or an act, Endearing referring to qualities capable of being loved or admired, Legacies meaning something that naturally outlives the owner and may be inherited.

Merging all variables together, our theme literarily means A right doing of today is the admirable inheritance of tomorrow and on the other way round, the wrong doing today is the regretful inheritance of tomorrow (Different analogies abound for these two lines of action).

The world becomes greater by the positivity added to it, all great inventions in sports, aviation, telecommunication, tourism and all started with a positive mindset which births positive imagination and then the positive actions before the endearing legacies, it is a chain influenced and reinforced by positivity.

That being said, the core of our humanitarian services should be the creation of such positive impacts worthy of being inherited by the generation unborn, this should be done holistically, without prejudice and devoid of self- glorification but primarily premised on the greater good of the Community.

A good name they said is better than wealth, riches or material resources, this has been proven over time , The likes of Martin Luther King, Mahatama Gandi, Our own Obafemi Awolowo and the great Zik of Africa are today strong reference points in our history, when we hear those names freedom, selflessness, probity and generosity comes to mind, this is because they have developed themselves around these virtues and they represent the good dividends of it.

In similar manner, when we hear the Adolf hitlers, Osama bin Laden, Sani Abacha, Sadam Hussien, Shekau , Anini and all, what readily comes to mind is terrorism, corruption, dictatorship among others they represent the negative side of history that their offsprings remain unproud of .

One of the reasons we are gathered here today is the singular action of Melvin Jones who envisioned a saner society with everyone being their brother’s keeper, this is what he referred to as a life of dedicated service, worthy of emulation, marked by absolute devotion to the course of others not at the detriment of one’s self but as a joint action having in mind the overall good of the society.

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen , we were all created with a unique style in us, our mode of operation have been innately customised to suit our peculiarity, if one of each is contributed to the society there will be a greater boom and prosperity as such we must not be selfish with our uniqueness but must be used up efficiently and particularly in the service of others hence we become like the biblical servant chose to bury his own talent.

In the words of Martin Luther King, A man has not started living until he rises above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humans

Judging by this standard, Have you started living?

If this is answered in the affirmative then I congratulate you, for the rest who haven’t found their feat, like Machel would say THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES…..

While many of us believe the myth that those who lived a positive life with an outstanding legacy in the past were born not made or the exaggerated pronouncement made in the highest euphoria that people of certain kind are created once in a century, some even hysterically say they come once in a thousand years, I  say contrary that those with outstanding legacies that outlives them become unique by their action and the value they have added to humanity and not because they are infallible or unerring.

We all can live a landmark Of excellent proclivity , we can stand out in our generation and have our name written in gold as heroes of our generation, in actual fact it becomes of a greater benefit when we have several heroes in one country, a country blessed with human capacity is more buoyant that which is blessed with mineral resources reason why entrepreneur is put as the last and most important factor of production because without him all other factors become useless. The story of the 8 Singaporeans who transformed their country from a struggling island to a thriving metropolis readily comes to mind.

Some Exclusive features of a person tipped to be outlived by an endearing legacy include;

Positive Mindset: Positivity begets positivity and a positive mindset births positive actions that finally brings lasting legacies, a person with positive mindset is largely optimistic, foresees the good behind every dedicated action and pursues it. The idea that your mind can change your world always seems to good to be true

Training your mind to think positive can be achieved by leveraging a simple concept, your mind has enough bandwidth to only focus on one thought at a time. All you have to do is to keep it focused on uplifting thoughts.

Be an unrepentant optimist that sees the opportunity in any difficulty and stay away from the pessimist that sees difficult in every opportunity.

Strengths, Skills and Competence:  I have seen several create lasting legacies without formal education but I am yet to see any do that without a particular strength, skills and competence, Jaggi Vasudev says “if you want to be successful, don’t seek success- seek competence do nothing short of the best you can do”, the action exerted in the pursuance of competence is the strength of tomorrow and could guide your path towards endearing legacies.

Open-mindedness, inquisitiveness, ability to engage and learn from others, willingness to continually educate yourselves are assets you need to possess

Character :it  is your attitude inside displayed outside , this is deemed the real foundation of a worthwhile success, it houses elements such as humility, generosity, contentment, integrity, trust among others ,this is a great determinant of a positive action as character determines your choice of choice, creating an endearing legacy for tomorrow means having a unique character like salt whose presence might not be seemingly insignificant but its absence makes everything tasteless.

Partnerships and Collaboration: if you really want to go far in life and create lasting impression, you cannot do it alone. When Melvin Jones, Paul Harris conceived the idea of Lion and Rotary Club respectively, they did not execute alone, they sought collaboration and collective strength as such learning to work with others is really important. This points to the fact that no man is an island, to achieve much better you need the combined resources of others.

God factor:  This is perhaps the most important factor however it is an approval of the efforts laid down above, Romans 8:28 reads And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. This itself is an assurance that if all these are done then a life worthy of great legacies inevitable.

In his closing remarks, Edwin-Cole Victor shared his experience and progressions on the way forward as his leadership proceeds.

Distinguished chairman of the day, Royal father of the day HRM Abdulsemiu Orimadegun Kasali the Adeboruwa of lgbogbo, the father of the day, mother of the day, respected special guest, our amiable District President, my ever dynamic and great sponsoring Lions club, ever unique lgbogbo Platinum Leo Club members my Wonderful family members, Guest and Friends.

It is with a great joy and a heart ful of appreciation that I welcome you all to this great occasion, it is the day the lord has made, we will be glad and rejoice in it, despite all the challenges faced in the cause of Planning this investiture, I give glory to God for making today a success.

welcome you all once again to the great Occasion, the theme of this Lions year is “Bridging the gap, for a sustainable tomorrow” this theme is coined out of the necessity and need for us to serve and stand as an intermediate between the society and the less privileged in our community, we all have a role to play in putting smiles to the faces of many, and making the world a better place to live in with our 4T’s which includes, Our time, talent, treasure and thinking, with this 4Ts we are sure of a Sustainable tomorrow.

The importance of Lions club cannot be over emphasized, hence we need more people of like minds to join in the gospel of love and rendering a charitable offering to those that needs it most. According to John F Kennedy, he says and i quote “Don’t think of what your country will do for you, rather think of what to do for your country with your little token and contributions you can help make the world less difficult to live in and ensure a better tomorrow with our positive difference.

I would use this medium to implore everyone present here to donate generously to the cause of the projects, we promise to Channel the money to the right use to aid The projects for the community Development.

Lions year are not limited to the under listed:
1. Donation of Giftitems to First baby of the Lions years project(Done)
2. Webinar of communication and Development (Done)
3.Webinar on how to start up your Fish farm business (Done)
4.Webinar on how to start up your poultry business (Done)
5.Webinar on how to start your snail farming (Done)

6.Rally and awareness walk sensitizing the populace on pandemic cancer (Done)
7.Rally and awareness walk commemorating world sight day at ljebu Ode(Done)
8.International Tree planting project(Done)
9.Distribution of clothing materials to the needy
10.Stocking of Books and educational materials to selected schools in igbogbo

11.Distribution of uniform and sandals to pupils that are in need of it
12.Seminar/training against sexual and gender based violence (SGBV) at Reri secondary school.
13.Donation of food items to orphanage home at ljede
14.Christmas party with the Less privileged
15.Distribution of free GCE and jamb form to best students n school in Igbogbo
16.Regular sanitation project in conjunction with PSP company to evacuate waste in Igbogbo and its environs

17.Rehabilitation of the legacy project in honour of Late Lion Abiodun Abbey
18.Donation of food items in conjunction with Region 2 to old people home ljede (Done)

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, like Author William once said and I quote “feeling gratitude and not expressing it, is like wrapping a present and not giving it” let me use the medium to express my profound and heart felt gratitude to all who have come to make this day a success.

To our guest who will be donating, I say a big thank you on behalf of all members of lgbogbo Platinum Leo Club for your generosity and kind heart.

I Leo Edwin Cole Victor accept to serve as the 9th president of lgbogbo PlatinumrLeo club whole heartedly and we promise to utilize all donations both cash and in kind towards our articulated goals of service to humanity.

To be noted is Engineer Gbenga Ogunlewe one of the special Guest of the day who was unavoidably absent due to his tight schedule, but he sent his Handsome donation towards the projects of the lions service year.

The Entire B.O.D and members extend their heart felt Gratitude to him ,and they pray God continue to bless him beyond doubts.

To all members of lgbogbo Platinum Leo club, I say a very big thank you for the journey so far, I wouldn’t be here without your support, activities too will not be carried out without your push. I won’t stop without appreciating our ever Supportive Sponsoring Lions Club, Igbogbo platinum Lions Club.

Other special guest present are: Mrs Bisi Olusada (Mother Of The Day), Mr P.T Adeniji (Father Of The Day), Lion Asake Wahab, Lion Oluwaseun Idowu (Chief Host), Lion Ifoga Gabriel & Leo Okunuga Olamilekan.

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