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Oshodi Art Gallery Is Based In Ikorodu, Considered a work of art and Creativity that is poised to open Ikorodu to the world of craft and styles.

About to take the industry of Art in Ikorodu to a whole new level, The gallery is a sight to behold as it’s collection is unending.

With collections made of Wood, Metals, ceramics and mud, The gallery is set to officially launched it’s masterpieces to the world from Ikorodu on January 11th or 21st 2021.

“Art is admired in the island Because people (artists) paid the dues for it to thrive over there, it is my Believe that Art can also thrive here in Ikorodu because art live where people live” Dr Oshodi Seyi Paul (CEO Oshodi Art Gallery)

Mr Oshodi Seyi Paul is a professional artist and an entrepreneur who’s love for Art transcends styles. He is a trained artist who is bent on making a mark in the tourism sector of Ikorodu and Lagos State in entirety

“Most of the Gallery we have here are not created by Artists. This is why I needed to set the standard, Though am a doctor am also a professional Artist” Mr Oshodi Added

“This the second biggest gallery in Nigeria.
We are not just a gallery we also trained people on ceramics, Kampala and textile design. Including sculpture, painting and metal fabrication. You can as well consider us as an institution.

We turn waste into wealth. We have photography and graphics animation studio, it means aside the gallery we empower power on training because as we speak over 40 students from Laspotech Ikorodu, Yabatech & Unilag are undergoing training with us.

We have the highest collection of arts due to the fact that we produce our art works rather than others who buy or collect from others” Mr Oshodi Added

The CEO stated that the Gallery does not buy into the mentality of people not getting attracted to the type of service they offer on time, “We own the property so we are not in haste to thrive here in Ikorodu, We produce our art works so it won’t affect us.

The only challenge we can possibly have is sustaining our staff strength and power supplies which we are steadily harnessing doing with high level of consideration.

As we proceed towards the different sections of the gallery it was obvious the collection has stated by CEO are second to none in terms of quality and class.

“Our works are cheap and it is easy to patronize”.

We have the highest collection of arts due to the fact that we produce our art works rather than others who buy or collect from others.

My background as an artist has given me the edge on the standard we deliver.

Art is me and I am art, Art is life, every Activities of life is Art. It keeps documentation of history and lifestyle. It is only universal language we have. When a painting depicts a particular content all tribes can understand it.

Art unifies the world, There is no gallery in Ikorodu, 60 percent of the artist in Lagos State are based in Ikorodu. Alot of artist comes to us to draw inspiration and grow on individual level. We are using this gallery to project artists and arts” Mr Oshodi Added

We are part of Ikorodu, and it is a corporate social responsibility for us to work together and develop the region with this sector.

The gallery is open from Monday to Sundays for people to come and feel their eyes.

Our pricing depends on the materials used in making the artwork, it determines the pricing. As you can see some of the products are made with wood while others are with metals, so it varies, Our gallery housed over 17,000 artworks Because our artists produce works everyday.

We are open to have partnerships with Stakeholders in Ikorodu with in-depth knowledge of the culture and traditions of the land” Mr Oshodi Added

The company has a relationship with the federal Ministry of Information, art and culture Abuja, And it’s partnering to organise the Nigeria children art and Cultural festival on May 27th 2021.

They also have a relationship with the Oyo state government in the process of organising another event called ‘Art Of The Throne’ which is about throne, crowns and kingdoms in the south west regions of Nigeria, The gallery will be exhibiting 500 crowns in yoruba which indicates 500 culture and their kingdom.

We are also handling Ondo state Art and Cultural festival which we have done two edition already. We are having it by May, October and December 2021.

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