About 253 deaths has been recorded in Lagos Nigeria, Yesterday Nigeria recorded a daily incident of COVID over 2000 cases, Lagos recorded over 251 cases.
The highest daily cases in records of Covid19
There has been a steady increase in the cases of covid19 since November till date with over 10% increase.

Some of the common symptoms during this second wave are;
Fever, Tiredness, Loss of taste or smell, Sore throats, Diarrhea, Malaria inclusive as said during the LASG Governor’s speech.

Problems caused in our community due to the virus outbreaks.

Wrong guidelines of Covid 19
Intake of Vitamin C
Intake of supplements


Chloroquine (which is used to treat malaria instead of Covid 19), Dexamethasone also
Use of Anti-biotics, Prolonged used of face masks and improper usage of it as preventive measures, Improper wearing of face masks may cause bacteria in our respiratory system and improper breathing. Using mask while exercising is wrong!!
Only Maintain a good physical distance and wear your mask when through.
Usage of alcholol is also a misconception.
Washing hands with alcohol, Excessive intake of alcohol, Use of thermal scanner does not detect the virus.


  1. Let’s always be conscious of our temperature, lets act accordingly whenever it’s being tested to serve as a guide and a lookout for other symptoms.
  2. Avoid touching body surfaces
  3. The belief of having high temperature / type of weather in Africa is not an excuse for Covid 19.
  4. Taking a deep breath in the morning does not prevent Covid 19
    5.Eating garlic, ginger and other spices doesn’t prevent Covid 19
  5. Covid 19 is not limited to the elderly people or those with high blood pressure, any age can be affected.
  6. Covid 19 isolation centers available now are only private centers which costs a lot of money.
    Please ensure you’re following the precautions and staying safe.
    It starts with YOU and I
    Let’s endeavour to maintain 1 meter distance and proper wearing of our face mask.
    Wear it everywhere but not while exercising!
    We have medical mask, fabrics masks
    Let’s ensure we wear it regularly and maintain it.
    Let’s ensure it’s clean always to avoid harboring bacteria which can lead to infections.
    Let’s help our children through this also
    Wash your hands before wearing
    Inspect mask for any tear
    The wearing process will be availed to us
    Puting your mask on your jaw is not appropriate,Covering only the mouth and leaving the nose out is not appropriate, We are Ambassadors! Let’s ensure to avoid the 3C’s, Avoid body contacts with people, Always ensure to stay in an open environment to maintain social distancing, Avoid social gatherings, Avoid touching your face with hands, Always wash your hands with soap and apply sanitizers, Cover your mouth with your elbow while sneezing, Clean all work surfaces ( tables, desks etc)
    Anytime we’re feeling unwell, lets ensure we’re taking necessary actions on every symptoms such as;
    Cough, Fever, Sore throats, Body pain
    They’re all symptoms of malaria but we need to be on isolation, maintain distance and call for medical assistance.
    Maintain a healthy living!
    The Covid 19 infection affects the respiratory system, avoid smoking!!
    It causes damages faster!!
    Drink responsibly!
    Ensure you take a lot of water to hydrate yourself and exercise daily to help the heart and respiratory system. Take a lot of vegetables. Avoid self medications!!
    In conclusion; Believe that Covid is real
    Safeguard yourself, safeguard your community.
    Always adhere to precautions to prevent Covid19.


In Nigeria young people are not really affected which has caused negligence among youths.
Ignorants says Covid 19 can not come to Nigeria due to the motor exhausts and the dirty environments.
As said by Dr Andu, the case of Covid19 is very rampant since November till date.
Lagos has lost close to 8 young doctors.
Dr Leke experienced both the first and second wave of Covid 19, thanks to God he’s safe.
Will you be safe if you get infected??
Ensure wearing face mask to prevent contacting and transmitting the virus
Get a surgical mask if necessary.
The fabrics masks must be washed and cleaned always.
Face shield alone doesn’t prevent Covid!! Ensure to wear a face mask along with it.
The thermal scanner can be deceptive, always reading 36.6 from Dr Leke’s experience.
Pls ensure to be tested after being scanned
The temperature tech alone doesn’t guarantee negativity!!
Ensure to be fully tested.
Availability of Covid tests centers are in progress. As a gynecologist, the virus is not blood borne so if the mother is infected the child can remain negative and it’s not sexually transmitted. The supplements are only to boost immunity and body builds.
They are not to prevent Covid19
Chloroquine was discovered to treat Covid-like symptoms such as malaria symptoms but not a treatment for Covid19. Avoid complications, only the precautions are measured to fight the virus. On the Vaccine on Covid, if you have the opportunity to take it please do. It doesn’t kill
Regards from Dr Adeleke Dankuwo


Hand washing techniques which involves 7 steps. Wash your hand for at least 20 secs
Avoid self medications and maintain social distancing, The cost and worries you’ll cause yourself and your family should matter to you as much as your life matters.
Please ensure to take the advices on precautions.
The stress and the cost to get Oxygen now is high, do not trade your peace with ignorance.


Question; where can one get a Covid19 testing centre in Ikorodu??

Answer: There is no Covid19 government testing centre unless you get to Yaba.
Afro global , a private centre charges over 50,000 for Covid 19 tests.

Question; can children wear masks?
Answer: YES! Starting from age 2 but ensure it’s a fabric mask.
In addition, Dr Leke mentioned that there’s a children face mask which is costly and the response from Dr Toun is perfect.

Question: can a baby be infected if the pregnant mother tests positive?
Answer: NO! It’s not blood borne so it cannot be transmitted.

Question: steaming is said to be effective in clearing any virus hidden in the innermost part of the nose and throat, kindly approach that medically.

Answer: It’s not correct! It should have helped reduced the cases if true. -Dr Toun
It helps in decongesting / relieving the airways and symptoms but it doesn’t kill the virus. – Dr Leke
It doesn’t kill the virus, only helps to moist the area (cases of sore throats etc)
It helps inhalation of oxygen. – Dr Andu

Question: why are rich people more infected with Covid than the poor?

Answer: Their exposure and access to travel far and wide can be a risk factor to Covid19- Dr Andu

Question: I’ll like to know the genesis of this virus in order to equip myself for my students.

Answer: it started in Wuhan China, it’s from a family of corona virus. The world didn’t take it serious believing it’s for China alone before it went viral.
WHO didn’t take the precautions on time so it went out of hand.

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