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2 cor 3:11
What is in prayer & fasting for me?

Isa 58:6-14
-fasting is to turn our frustrations into celebrations.
-It is a prescription for Breakthroughs.
-It is a platform for accelerated answers to our prayers. 1 kgs 18:38-40
-It is a platform for continuous guidance. He clarifies our path to know the way to go. Ezra 8:21-23 ps 34:5

  • It is a spiritual medium through which we transfer our battles to God. 2 chron 20:3-22
    John 1:16 God doesn’t benefit from our obedience, we are the only ones that benefits from it. Matt 6:5,18
  • It enhances our access to divine guidance, launching us into realms of greater glory. Isa 45:1-3. When He leads us, He clears out the barriers on our paths. Isa 48:17 GOd cannot lead us beyond our permission.
    Prov 3:5-6 when God leads the way, it shows, because He knows the end from the beginning. Isa 48:21, John 5:30
  • It enhances health and vitality through out break of revelation.
    John 1:5,9 when light breaks forth, darkness packs out. Job 33:21-25
    There’s rejuvenating power in the word. God is the I am that I am, He doesn’t age or change, He remains the same.
    Revelation transmit the nature of God which is divine nature that keeps us rejuvenated.
    2 pet1:3
  • It is for invoking vengeance in the camp of our enemies. 2 chron 20:12, Lk 18:1-8 ,
    Isa 54:14 -15. Until vengeance shows up, our enemies may never give up. 1 Sam 2:6 , num 12:4-4, Zech 2:8, Ex 22:18, 12:29-32, 14:25-29, Isa 63:4
    -it secures our generation after us. Isa 58:12
    It imparts on children’s, children after you.
    Our Posterity is secured. Ps 112:1-3
  • It facilitates fulfilment of prophecies by destroying all opposing forces against our destiny.1 tim 1:18, 1 cor 15:9 , deut 2:24.

The MasterKey to A World of Open Doors.
Matt 22:36-40 , Rom 13:8, 10 , deut 28:1-13
Our love for God launches us into the realm of deut 28:1-13
Love for God is the fulfilment of the Law, which Grant’s us access to the masterkey to any door of life. Rom 8:28
Not loving in words and tongues, but proving our love through our deeds.
1 John 3:18, 1 cor 2:9 , 1 John 4:16 , ps 24:7
When you are in love, every gates lift up their heads. When you appear ot is God they see. John 14:21 , 16:17-20
Our love for God is reflected in our passion for souls. GOD’S love is practical, it is not theoretical.
Love makes you serve Him and the Interest of His kingdom with delight.
When you are in love, you feel privileged to serve Him in any capacity.

Serving God is the gateway to the highways of life. job 36:11

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