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Jan 31, 2021 ,

The Shepherd Of The Celestial Church Of Christ (Way Of Peace) Grammer School Road Ikorodu Has Urged All Youths in Ikorodu to adopt a peaceful and Positive mindset in order to scale through this season of crime and violence.

On his special sermon at his parish on the 31st of December 2021 the clergyman/Spiritual leader who doubles as the Coordinator of the Christian Association Of Nigeria Ikorodu Chapter Admonished his congregation of youths and adults to follow the ways of God and be a part of defending the land not destroying it.

“The Devil is never happy when peace and prosperity is the order of the day for any community or Society so his plans is to unleash mayhem, chaos and anarchy amongst residents for unrest to be the new normal, which can be likened to the condition we have found ourselves today in Ikorodu” Evan Emmanuel Adegoke

“In The Bible you can see how many times the devil intercepts the good minded people and Manipulated them into evil Activities. This is why our youths must be very cautious of Thier Activities in this period”

“On the 27th of this month I attended the highly anticipated 2021 Ikorodu Division Town Hall Meeting On Security, Where the Commissioner of Police (Hakeem Olusegun Odumosu) was present to deliberate on providing solutions to the issues of Violence and Cultism state in Ikorodu”

“The Meeting brought out some major resolves which every youths must be mindful of in order not to become a victim of circumstance” Evan Emmanuel Adegoke Averred

“Do not go about implicating yourself with your manner of Approach or presentation, Once we notice any form of misconducts or erratic behaviour from any youth around our premises or vicinity, we will be the first to report it to the authorities”

“Be careful of the places you go, the type of friends you keep, your style of hair and dress fashion, Be diligent in whatever you find your hands doing and stay away from bad crowd

“Let us use King David as a case study, Even from his young age, He Knew he was special and had to stay Focus to trade on a different pathway for God to discover and use him appropriately. He was diligent in his works, Praying to his God and obeying his father’s Instructions, That was why when it was time to gain Recognition, He was elevated like a dream of the night”

“He was passionate about God and protected everything that belongs to God, That was why even at a young age when he discovered the Philistines was oppressing the Children of God, He openly challenged them and gained support from God”

“As youths we must be passionate about protecting our land and our heritage, We should not be among those trying to Destroy everything our fathers and the Government has built, Instead we must protect and guide our communities to safety”

“And finally, It Is important that we must continue to Pray, Because when we do, we’re not only trying to intercede for Ikorodu, we’re also interceding for Lagos state in general and Nigeria as a whole” Evan Emmanuel Adegoke Added

The Church held sessions of Prayers for both Ikorodu and its leaders for Peace and tranquility to rest in the Land and a special thanksgiving was done afterwards

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