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As news of the passing of Chief B.O Benson (Former President of the Nigerian Bar Association) continues to make waves across Ikorodu division and Lagos state in general, the National Deputy Chairman, Association of Local Government Vice Chairmen of Nigeria and Vice Chairman Ikorodu local Government, Aarebirin Hon Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba paid a condolence visit to the home of the Asiwaju of Ikorodu on Sunday 27th of June 2021.

In her statement, Global President, Yoruba Council of Women World-wide, Aare Arewa Oodua, expressed her sadness and also stated the need for the elder statesman to be celebrated at all times.

Last Thursday, the sad news of our very own beloved Asiwaju of Ikorodu, Chief B.O Benson’s passing away to the great beyond came as a rude shock not only to me, but to sons and daughters of Ikorodu Division. Not because we’re not aware that everyone would eventually have their dates with heaven, but because we were eagerly awaiting to celebrate Baba’s 89th birthday with him in a grand style”

“Considered a father to a lot of us, Asiwaju Babatunde Benson was a futuristic leader, who saw ahead of his time and told people about it including me, Quite vividly in my early return to Ikorodu from the United States Of America some fifteen years ago”

“If there was still a poster face to recount and rely on in dissecting the framework of not only the entire Ikorodu division but Lagos state at large, Baba Benson was an elder statesman to count on for adequate & effective guidance”

“He was a Lawyer of repute and well respected by his colleagues. A Community Leader always joining hands with others to make the life of his people better. A worthy Ambassador of lkorodu Division, Lagos State and Nigeria

“Late Chief B.O Benson dedicated his life educating the indigenes on how to improve their educational attainment and also helped them to ride through the ladder of life. He was always willing to spend time and money to assist people to succeed in life”

“A senior advocate of Nigeria, Baba was a pioneer founder of the Lagoon State Movement and also the first chairman of Ikorodu Oga Development Association (IKODASS)”

“While it is now apparent that we won’t be celebrating physically with Baba on his 89th birthday, His life and accomplishments which would be forever written in the sand of time must be celebrated seasonally

“Our hero is gone but never forgotten, known for not affiliating with any political party, Baba’s tenacity and disciplinary standards is a case study for our next generation to ponder upon. He lived life to the fullest and even outlived a lot of his peers in fulfilment by creating massive impact in diverse areas”

“I won’t be where I am today if I had not subjected myself through Baba’s rigorous counsel, leadership empowerment and nurture which transformed my trajectory (perceptions) on placing the value in Ikorodu (as my home)

“The Asiwaju of Emuren and the Baba Oba of Ibesheland as he’s fondly called, Papa had a great deal of faith. He truly believed that he could pass through raging waters in the sea and not drown because God was with him always”

A Former President of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Chief B.O Benson, Baba, may your light continue to shine through as we celebrate your indelible mark of greatest across Ikorodu Division, Lagos state and Nigeria”

“Deep in our hearts’ memory is kept, one person we loved dearly and shall never forget. We thank God Almighty for the life of our great father who served God and humanity throughout his lifetime”

“We sympathise with his family, and pray that God Almighty grant them the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss. Indeed, Baba was a great philanthropist, father, grandfather, great grandfather, lawyer, patriot, elder statesman, peace maker. A man with a humble heart and a generous soul” Aarebirin Hon Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba Added

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