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In a bid to curb the occurrence of social vices across Ikorodu Division, community policing forum (CPF) in Ikorodu officially launched Operation ‘Know Your Neighbour’ in Ikorodu Division on the 12th of August 2021.

The security orientation scheme which aims at creating a safer and more conducive environment for residents in Ikorodu division took place at the palace of the Ayangburen of Ikorodu Kingdom (Oba Kabiru Adewale Shotobi).

Playing host to varieties of stakeholders including the Nigerian Bar Association (Ikorodu Branch), Ikorodu Divisional Police, Joint Taskforce Igbogbo Baiyeku LCDA, council of Baales, local government and local community development area chairmen plus CDC chairmen, the launching completely established its mission to project a better and peaceful Ikorodu division in the eyes of the general public.

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According to the CPF chairman, Pst Taiwo Kayode, the unveiling of Operation ‘Know Your Neighbour’ in Ikorodu division will help all spheres of the community to ascertain their environment and stay hypersensitive to their immediate vicinity.

“It is no longer news that the security of our nation is severely threatened by certain elements due to idleness, thus making crime a career pathway for some individuals without thinking twice about the dangers it poses to lives and property of inhabitants”

“Comprehending that these crime minded individuals reside in our midst, they do not ghost and they don’t live in the sky. They move into our neighbourhood, carry criminals vendetta in remote areas where it is difficult for the police to track them down

“Some resides in a particular community but move to another community to commit crimes and come back pretending like a gentlemen/women. In a long while, research has shown that most Communities/CDA are not bothered about a newcomer, but they are only interested in collecting levies from such a person, especially, electrical Connection levy, regardless of whom such an individual could be, which Can be so detrimental to the security of the community in general

“It is in this regard, that the Community Policing Forum, in collaborations with the Joint CDC, Ikorodu Division and the Nigerian Police Force as well as the passionate approval of the paramount Ruler and the Ayangburen of Ikorodu Kingdom, HRM Oba Kabir Adewale Shotobi, initiates this program tagged operation “KNOW YOUR NEIGHBOUR”

“This initiative is long overdue, knowing ourselves also comes with benefits that cannot be overemphasized. For instance, we can be of great help to one another, if Mr. ‘A get to know Mr. ‘B in person and also knows what he/she does for a living so that he can willingly help to enhance his profession and improve his standard of living and that of his family”

“Operation ‘Know Your Neighbour” is to be principally operated by community leaders in their various communities all over Ikorodu Division. Powering this program and making it smooth, a simple but comprehensive Data form has been designed and it will be handed over to all the six (6) LGA/LCDA’s in Ikorodu Division in the course of the Launching. This Data Form is meant to be filled by residents of Ikorodu Division without any reservation except if an individual has something to hide that is best known to him/her. But we must realise that at this stage, having a database of people living in a community can only enhance the security development, that is, it will make it easier for us and the police authorities to improve on whatever we are doing to protect lives and property

“The Data Forms are not meant to be handed over to the Police Authority, they are going to be the custody of the CDA, (both the soft and hard copies) but if the need arises, whereby the Police Authority requires information concerning a suspected individual/resident, the CDA must be able to provide them with all necessary information accordingly, as and when due. However, addressing the root cause of crime order than treating the symptoms all the time remains our major priority. There are so many things we always do as a people daily, either by an act or omission or commission, in our homes, on the street, in our various Communities that serves as a recipe for crisis and thus opening the gate for undesirable elements to truncate the peace of the community”

“Know Your Neighbour” in Ikorodu Division which we’re implementing today, stays away from religious bigotry and ethnic bias. It simply projects being observant and say something, being responsible and cooperative (Vigilante Fee), Engaging the youth in constructive life-changing tutorials always and also not underestimating anyone”

“It is an embodiment of oral decency, let everyone’s conduct promote unity, avoiding unnecessary gossips and rumours, advocating the voice of elders and prevent conspiring against leaders, choosing wise friends and staying at peace with neighbours, Being mindful of utterance and standing for the truth

“The CPF has laudable programs that are capable of affecting the lives of our youths and our upcoming kids positively if properly supported by all and sundry. For instance, we have developed a program of visiting schools
In Ikorodu Division, printing flyers, erection of billboards projecting inspiring messages, most importantly, we want to propel and encourage the re-invigoration of moral training in our kids, so that they can be less aggressive in their dispositions and toll the part of legitimacy at all times and the whole Ikorodu Division will be better for it”

“All these and more can only be achieved if all the LGA/LCDA’s chairmen, the LSHA, Our National Assembly Representatives, Traditional Rulers, the Council of Baales, Chiefs, all Business Organisations, Spirited Religious Leaders and notably blessed individuals come out to assist CPR financially and morally because security is money. Our local intelligence gathering is really on course, as all our members are in every nook and cranny of Ikorodu Division to provides us with useful information that has always been used to prevent crime”

“We also want to appeal to all residents to please co-operate with the Nigerian Police and other Security Agencies to move Ikorodu forward whatever be their inadequacies can be improved upon, as no organisation or individual exist without imperfection” Pst Taiwo Kayode (Chairman CPF) Asserted

“Know Your Neighbour is the first basic step to thoroughly checkmate crimes and community policing in our communities to help the service of our various police divisions. It isa  about knowing the priority of the society, a lot of issues will be solved even before it gets to the police with the implementation of such initiative. Getting better understanding of those living around us, asking questions when necessary and fostering coexistence of residents. This is why am urging everyone to get and fill the form to be submitted to their CDA. I just want to let the Community Policing Forum (CPF) know that they have our full support going forward” Mr A.R Balogun from Sagamu Police Division

“Security issues like this that yearns for collective support to give us the desired peace that we need. In absolute support to contributions made by the Ayangburen of Ikorodu, Everyone must come out to support this course and bring lasting peace to our inner communities. The work should not be left for the police alone or JTF, Knowing your neighbours can prevent later unrest and this initiative paves the way for tranquillity” Oba Semiu Orimadegun Kasali (Adegboruwa Of Igbogbo Kingdom)

“Anything we do on security matter is never too much, that’s why I want to state this notion categorically to CPF, there are some elements at the CDA leadership that will want to refuse the obligations presented in this form. They will give all manner of excuses not to comply, But if the CPF begin to experience such defaulters from the CDA (not willing to fill or sign this form) they should report them to the NBA Ikorodu branch and we’ll take up that case on their behalf for justice to prevail” Mrs Domo Adekoya (Vice-Chairman NBA Ikorodu Branch)

“If this initiative follows through on its planned goals and objectives, Ikorodu division will eventually reflect peace like never before seen, it will enhance the performance of our security agencies and position this region for greatness” Oba Bashir Aremu Shotonwa (Sekumade Of Ipakodo)

The official unveiling of Operation ‘Know Your Neighbour’ in Ikorodu Division was done by the Odofin of Ikorodu and chairman of Multichoice Nigeria, Mr Adewunmi Ogunsanya SAN.

In his speech of contribution, the Ayangburen of Ikorodu Kingdom lauded the initiative for their implementation and thrive to bring absolute peace to Ikorodu division while simultaneously soliciting stakeholders to join in and support the course.

“(Though we expected him to be in attendance) We’re positive that the commissioner of police in Lagos state (Hakeem Odumosu) is fully debriefed about this positive development taking place in Ikorodu on security matters. We welcome this protection scheme and we’re going to give it every necessary support it requires to bring better calm in our region”

“I also want to appreciate (the Odofin of Ikorodu, Mr Adewunmi Ogunsanya SAN) for been present even before the launching started, and all stakeholders across Ikorodu Division for their support and show of positive interest to advance this course most especially the community police forum (CPF) for taking up this responsibility to further strengthening our security sector” Oba Kabir Adewale Shotobi Averred

Presentation of forms to LG/LCDA’s (I.e. Ikorodu Central, Ijede, Imota, Ikorodu North, Ikorodu West and Igbogbo Baiyeku) was also carried out by the Odofin of Ikorodu, Adewunmi Ogunsanya (SAN).

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