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The Mystery Of Service – Eromona Michael


Mar 22, 2020


Serve and find your way to the top!

I will like to make this articles direct and unfiltered. You will never go far if your mission in life is to please everyone.

The easiest way to turn your life around no matter where you find yourself right now is for you to imbibe a life of service.

Service to me is Life itself, Because whenever I wake up, then am looking for the next person to serve.
Do you understand? I mean like “What do you have to offer humanity?” You have something good and longevity based? If yes! Then to me you are a perfect business partner. If you can make people feel a sense of satisfaction when you come around it means you can get paid either physically or spiritually.
On February 19th this year our Brand World Of Dance Entertainment (WODE) had a short partnership with the Lagos Youth Ambassadors Ikorodu Branch for a school outreach to talk about the risks involved in living a dangerous Life.
While it was a simultaneous move targetting two schools at a time, our lead team headed to Ipakodo Senior Grammar school. On getting there we found out that the new principal of the school is Mr. Akeem Bello, A man our brand is loyal to and someone that never jokes with us from the very first time we encountered in 2018 because he has experienced how deep we can go to serve our communities for the sake of the teens and youth which we have ties to for the past 2 and half years.
He welcomed us with an opened arms and was thinking that WODE is actually the institution Organising the outreach until I had to introduce him to the convener of the program. Even the convener never knew why he was been treated too nice and warmly, but the positive treatment was as a result of an active Service lifestyle we carried along whenever we reach out to people. At the end of it all, the program was so successful and it gave the team motivation to advance the movement till the end of the 3rd week.

It should be a thing of joy to serve others, Service will show you how humble one can be to get things done. When you see a man or woman, boy or girl with too much sense of pride, you would notice how difficult it is for them to assume any role of service.

Service is taken forgrantted today because many think that as long as they can hustle and make a living comfortably, then X with others. Little do they know that it is service that makes the world go round.
Where you decide to be while serving it is up to you. You can be at the frontline, you can be at the middle or behind, as long as your heart is positioned to serve, you are set to get to the peak of your aspirations.
When you see a company starts growing and all of a sudden they create a human relations department to set up a social and civic responsibility schemes, it is the need for service that they have discovered to give back to the community.
Service is so broad that in every act there is a lesson, so as much as we have learnt soo far, we shall be dishing it out weekly on this platform.

Next week we shall be looking at service and the simple significant blessings that comes with it, With much reference to the active relationship between World Of Dance Entertainment (WODE) & Ikorodu Metro Lions Club.

Remember to stay safe, Corona virus is real and deadly, wash your hands regularly, go along with sanitizers and stay out of overcrowded places.


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