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Winning the War against the plague called Corona Virus – Bishop David Oyedepo


Mar 22, 2020


Fight The Good Fight Of Faith. 1Timothy 6:12

Topic: Winning the War against the plague called Corona Virus.

We need help from God more than ever before because we run an open market where any contagious pandemic can have it’s way on the population.

We cannot stop the market from business neither can we prevent our regular means of transportation, And obviously this is a pathways for the epidemic to scale through.

Now If we remove prayers from this equation and we are asking God for help then we are very vulnerable.
The policy makers are trying their best but you cannot give solution to one and others will suffer, looking at the consequences of the virus spread and how it is affecting peoples business and ways of life currently is beyond negative report. There are businesses shutting down due to this pandemic, poverty will be on the rise as a result of jobs closing down, this is way beyond the virus, it is a scourge.

What you don’t want you don’t watch James 4:7. The devil you don’t go away from will enlarge it’s coast in your domain.
Mark 11:23, Genesis 18:26.
When believers stands in the gap, then the Lord shall heal the land. 2Chronicles 7:13-14

Corona virus is a pestilence and the God that sweep off ebola shall sweep this plague out of our land. Matthew 18:19. We cannot win any battle with fear. Proverbs 29:25, Hebrews 2:14-15.
Victory is never a partner of fear, it is not the cause of death that bring it but the fear of death. Mark 5:36, Only faith in God can over come fear. Philippians 4:6.

Keys of dealing with Corona virus.

1. We must look unto God for he is the restorer and keeper of our health. Psalms 60:11, Jeremiah 17:5-6, Luke 1:37, Psalms 121:1-4.

2. The wises thing for all to do now is to run back to God. 2kings 6:27.

3. We must pray to God to stop this plague from ravaging the earth. Matthew 7:8. Psalms 127:1, Malachi 3:6, Isaiah 62:6-7.

As a church we shall stand in the gap for every nations of the earth until this plague is completely wiped out. Isaiah 28:6.

It is only declaration that brings answers to what we pray about. Luke 21:15, Proverbs 18:21. And what we must be saying now is that the siege of Corona Virus is over. Psalms 81:13-14. We secures God
interventions after we have declared. 2Samuel 24:16. Therefore as believers we must always remind ourselves that our case is different, whatever affects others is not permitted to affect us. Psalms 91:7. Exodus 8:22/9:4-6.

Jeremiah 22:29 (The earth must hear the word of God against Corona virus Today). So pray with Declaration!

22nd March 2020


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