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Jul 1, 2020

20200701_191135_0000FACILITATOR’S BACKGROUND

Prince Adeleke Aroyewun,LLB (PRADA) was born into the family of Lt. Otunba R.B.O. Aroyewun, a royal house in the 90’s.

Adeleke started his career as a promising youth in Citizen N/P school where he had bagged his primary school certificate and then proceeded to Homat College for his secondary school education where he was given the mantle of leadership as the Social prefect.

He then proceeded to School of First Choice “Unilag”, where he studied Law.

His philosophy about life that “Life is not to spectate but to participate” got him involved in Student activities while on campus and as a result of his untiring efforts towards ensuring a rapid growth and all inclusive governance, earned him a seat in the University of Lagos Student Union Parliament representing the faculty of Law and also the President of National Union of Lagos State Students, Unilag Chapter where he further proved his selfless service and zeal for progress, this he achieved alongside his executive members.

Prince Adeleke Aroyewun is currently in Law school Abuja, looking forward to his call to bar for him to be certified as a Barrister.

Also, he is pursuing his membership in the chartered institute of arbitration, UK.

Adeleke has served in various capacities that has unveiled his leadership dexterity and proven beyond words that he is a promising youth for leadership.
In no particular order;

2014: He served as the Director Of Studies, Igbogbo Students’Union,

In 2015: Due to his extraordinary prowess as a scribe, he became the General Secretary, Igbogbo Students’Union,

Moving ahead in 2016, he served as the Liberation President of Igbogbo Students Union and the honorable representative of Faculty of Law to the University of Lagos Students’ Legislative Council.

In 2017, he emerged as the Speaker for National Association of Ikorodu Division Students, an association that encompasses all the students and Union bodies across Ikorodu Division, a position he held while also serving as the President,National Union of Lagos State Students,University of Lagos Chapter.

He has at various times served as the Editor-in-Chief and Production Manager of the prestigious Egret magazine where he was celebrated as an Hero.

He is presently the Director,Not too young to run in Ikorodu Division and Secretary, National Youth Council Igbogbo-Baiyeku Branch.

Prince Adeleke Aroyewun is a budding lawyer, a real estate consultant, a refulgent writer, a consummate public speaker, a life coach,development crusader and an activist.

His core values are trust, humility, and discipline.


INN: Before you take us through please when we say “A VOICELESS UNION”. What does it mean?

Mr. Aroyewun: A voiceless union in plain and very simple terms is whose wings has been clinged and has lost both power and right to influence and express opinions.

INN: Alright Please Kindly Take us through the Topic for the Evening.


This will be treated with four straight questions.

I believe with these questions answered optimally, we would have learnt the topic and also enjoyed the luxury of a proper understanding.

1.Who are vanguards?

2.What exact role does a student play in developing the community?

3. Can student unionism be termed a major setting phase to developing a community?

4. What are the Responsibilities of government, establishment and stakeholders in expanding student’s horizon towards community development?

These questions will be taken in quick succession.

Who are vanguards?
Vanguards are leading lights, front liners and the most important part of a movement.

They are innovators of new concepts, styles and techniques.

Synonyms like front liners,spear headers, leading lights, trailblazers can be used as worthy replacements
Incontrovertibly. This should be roles played by students in the community, They are harbingers of the most sophisticated ideas and the hope of transformation and better future for any community.

When they say youths are the future of tomorrow offcourse it is evident that it is not all youths that is being referred to here.

So it is safe to say students are youths who have positioned themselves to be the leaders of tomorrow by developing themselves individually.



Learning through the ropes involves accommodating different ideas, getting exposed to certain things and majorly the development of a proper discerning mind that allows you filter opinions, absolving useful ones and deserting the inimical ones.

At some point we would get to the implementation stage where this ideas become useful to the community as a whole influencing all sectors.

Beyond that, The knowledge acquired in the course of learning can also affect the community positively.

In 2017, On assumption of office of a chairman in Lagos, A University of Lagos undergraduate developed a detailed road map of revenue generation and presented it to the local government chairman.

The road map was centred on tourism and Agriculture, just two major pillars.

Believe me sincerely, This roadmap transformed the entire community and has been a major sustenance of that government till today. A lot more can be achieved by students,it could be on security,it could be opening up the community to the digital world.

 In the shortest simplest terms,the cardinal roles of students is being bolsterers of community development using their innovations, exposure, Strength and agility.



The answer to this without any retention is in the affirmative.
I would be answering this with specific reference to our dear town, Igbogbo.

Apparently, Our students’ union in Igbogbo started some 65 years ago with Chief Olorunfunmi Basorun as President, Late Mr Rufus Funso Solawon as Secretary, Chief Olorunfunmi Basorun as Financial Secretary, Late Chief Kayode Faniyi, Sen Adeseye Faniyi among others as members.

These were the first students the community had at the time.

Ladies and gentlemen I can also say today that these names have been associated with several firsts in the community today And I can give examples:
The first lawyer,minister and senator in Igbogbo today is Distinguished Senator Adeseye Ogunlewe.

The first secretary to the state government and commissioner we have had in Igbogbo today is Chief Olorunfunmi Basorun
The first graduate is Chief Olatunji Bakare.

The first house of reps member and local government chairman is Mr Rufus Babafunso Solawon
They were all products of the students union and were the first set of students we had in the community.
I can also say that there is hardly any development in Igbogbo today however little they can be that is not connected to these names.

From the Igbogbo improvement to Igbogbo development association ,to Savannah bank,community bank, establishment of schools, library, Post offices among others.

They were all involved and they are not only community leaders but political party leaders and influencers.

Further instances abound even in our professional league a lot of doctors, lawyers, chartered accountants have emerged from the students union who are now great financiers of different community project
Being a student is putting yourself in that path, joining the student union is giving yourself that platform to exhibit your potentials.

I made references to our community because it is easier to relate with these names.

I tell you it is not peculiar to us alone.

The TOS Bensons of this world,Ebullient Adegoke Adelabu,Obafemi Awolowo among others first made their marks as students before they developed to be icons.


Developing a community isn’t rocket science albeit it involves deliberate efforts and proper planning.

Emphasis should not just be placed on people people going to school but a step should be taking further on what they turn out to be.

Building plethora of professionals that will help community attend to what they really need even without political intervention.

Building plethora of professionals that will help community attend to what they really need even without political intervention.

It is possible to say the community wants to produce 100 graduates in 2025, These graduates will include lawyers, pilots, chartered accountants, civil engineers, data analysts, project managers, programming experts among others.

It involves close monitoring and conscious aiding to achieve this.

History has it that our present kabiyesi as a lawyer saved our community from an imminent legal disaster long before he ascended the throne.

A noble son of the town who is a mechanical engineer in the public works has also assisted in several road projects within the town.

We have doctors within who have given people access to cheap medical facilities
This is what students turn out to be when nurtured well by the society.


Q1: Well you’ve outlined certainties and I must commend you,now do we think we’re ready, The set of people the union breeds now are they futuristic, vibrant and ideological enough.

Mr. Aroyewun: I must say that we are on the right track and Igbogbo student’ union is one of the greatest monuments established in Igbogbo.

My dear brother, we can only hope for the best but one thing I must say about the present crop of members the union breeds is that they are available and willing to learn, with this in place and without any of us deserting our responsibilities the sky is their starting point.

Q2: Why do you think most union members tend to run away from the reality and hide under the cabinet of those that should be criticized for their wrong doings?

Mr. Aroyewun: Well I do not share this as a general opinion, I think it is in relation to specific people and this is done for reasons best known to them. 
The man dies in anyone who refuses to speak when it matters.

INN: I would like for you to give one last word of advice to the Igbogbo Students on this platform to motivate them on the need to become a vanguard for Community Development overall.

Mr. Aroyewun: Becoming a vanguard isn’t what you attain by default of being a student.

It centres more on individual development and capacity building.
Everyone without any exemption is involved in this, We have an incumbent role placed on us to develop ourselves first such that we all grow together and the community develops exponentially.

Rome was not built in a day but we need to start moulding our blocks now.20200701_191135_0000


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