6 Dec 2023


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A program that centres around graphics design, Mobile Applications and Video Editing was set to orientate youths on the need to be self productive and reliant in enterprising the basic profitable use of their mobile phones.

MileCent Foundation teamed up with RD Tech to engage the young minds across Igbogbo in Ikorodu, On a special Information based Technological program tagged ‘IKORODU 4 TECH 2020’.

We are equipping young people with basic tech skills through this program. Alot of people have become established with knowledge garnered from programs like this & we are positive for our very own upcoming Individuals to gain leverage and enterprise themselves too” Abdulbasit Akinyemi (A Video Editor & Graphics Design Tutor)

So far the Experience has been awesome because all the participants have successfully created video skits which was given to them as class work and with the assignment we and given them also, it will make them grow Effectively on this skills they are acquiring and further take it to the next level.

It is actually good for them to gain access to this empowernment simply because at this period you can be at home and still make money with it” Mr. Akinyemi Added

“It is all about digital skill empowernment for us here in Igbogbo, And we joined force with MileCent Foundation to make this training possible. Although we have done this same Training in both Ogun state and Oyo state, our survey also gave us the need to bring it down to Ikorodu” Mr Ridwan Agboluwaje (Proprietor Of Ridwan Digital Technologies {RD TECH}).

You see these young folks make use of their phones Regularly but they do not know how to make money with it, which is very sad.

This Initiative has been projected locally but with a global foresight. We want our young Individuals to open up their eyes and see what they have been missing out of.

In the course of the Training we are introducing Website design, Corel draw, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Inshot, Quik and lots of other fantastic applications.

Instead of following celebrities to build their Platforms, We are orientating them to create their own platform and earn money out of it.

MileCent Foundation has been so supportive like a parent that we can always run to for assistance. They made it possible for us to bring this program to Ikorodu and we really appreciate their leverage” Mr Ridwan Added.

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