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Historically, the name lkorodu was derived from Oko Odu and was later changed to lkorodu. The early settlers in the area were from Sagamu who came to hunt and to farm.

The leader of the contingent was OGA a Prince of Remo who was said to have been the founder.

It happened that the most notable plant on the farm was Odu’ which grew plentifully.

Odu was used for cloth dyeing, hence the earlier traditional trade of lkorodu women was cloth dyeing.

The sons of Akarigbo named their settlement ‘Oko Odu’ meaning the farm of Odu (Oko meaning the farm) Odu means something that-blackens and since the plant was used to blacken cloth and dye it, the name Odu became appropriate.

A contingent of Benin immigrants joined the Sons of Akarigbo in this massive ‘Odu’ forest.

The leader of the contingent was a wealthy and powerful man called Eregbuwa from the family of Oliha in Benin City.

So history tells us. Both sides settled down amicably and the area, Oko-Odu, started to take shape into large settlement with influx of people from far and near.

By agreement between the two early settler groups, the Institution of rulership was established.

The Institution of OBA was conceded to the AKARIGBO and EREGBORUWA (Rebugbawa) became the first Oba or Oloja and the first Olisa of lkorodu respectively. This was about I630.

There has been counter arguments among the early settler within Ikorodu environ. lt is not the wish of the author of this highlight to go into this controversy or murky water of history but the fact remains that one of Lasuwon’s brothers Prince Sekumade stayed permanently at Ebute-Ikorodu now called IPAKODO. We also heard of OGBORIN from IDOWA who settled at ITUNMAJA.

Other important settlement of that time was Odo-Nla from where children of Prince Odeyemi Offiran of ljebu Ode came to
settle; Ogbodo settled at ltagbodo, Raselu at Eti Ajina and Poyenwa at Itun Poyenwa in Isele Ward.

lkorodu is situated at a distance of approximately 36km north of Lagos.

The town is bounded on the South by the lagoon. In the north, lkorodu shares a common boundary with Ogun State. While in the east, she has a common boundary with
Agbowa-lkosi a town in Epe Division of Lagos State.

There was then an influx of settlers from the surrounding towns and villages.

In identifying some of which are today called “Itun”, each Itun has an exact boundary. There are about sixteen or seventeen
“Ituns” in Ikorodu. Examples are: “Itunmaja is inhabited by people mainly from ldowa, an important ljebu town. Itunwaiye was occupied by people from ‘Iraiye’ (lwaiye) in Ogun State ‘Itunsoku’ was occupied by people from lsokun quarter in Sagamu, Itunlayeode’ people from’Ode Remo’ and people of Itun Ojoru, are from lgbein, of Egba etc.

There are also settlements in some big areas known as ‘lta’. Examples are ‘Ita Ogbodo’ by people of Oke Ogbodo of Odonla near Ikorodu. Odonla was established by a Prince from ljebu Ode; Ita Elewa in Aga, Itamuja, in Isele, Itamito in Ijomo etc.

There are three principal wards in lkorodu (1) ISELE (11) IJOMU (111) AGA

The Ituns (minor areas) The Itas (Squares)

Ikorodu in the last 40 years or so, did not extend beyond the inner circular route: Ojubode, Etunrenren, Epadi (Ayangburen Road), Lagos Road, Oju Ogbe, Ireshe, Eluku Street, Ojubode Orere Alhaji Alagago Street Ojubode Orere Garage (Oriwu hotel) Lagos road, Ikorodu Township has now metamorphosized into a metropolis of over an unofficial figure of three million people extending to Aga Titun, Agbele, Eruwen, Solomade, eyita, agbala, Lowa, Gbasemo, Oke Ota Ona.

It further extended to includes Odogunyan, Odonla, Odokekere, Okegbegun, Rofo, Lasunwon, Agbede, Araromi, Mojoda, Oke Ogbodo, Laiyeode/Akaun, Liadi, Maya, Parafa, Adamo, Aleke etc.

Surrounding major towns that make up lkorodu division are Imota, ljede and lgbogbo and all these towns constitute Local Council development Areas with their respective traditional (Obas).

Main occupations of lkorodu people are Trading (commerce) and farming.

Industry, Ikorodu division has the largest industrial area in West Africa if not in Africa.

In Ikorodu township alone, several registered big banks by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) are operational in Ikorodu.

RELIGION: All the three main religions co-exist in lkorodu. Ikorodu is very rich in culture and very hospitable in nature.

EDUCATION: In lkorodu alone, there are more than (63) public primary schools. There are more than (20) secondary schools.
Private Nursery/Primary and Secondary Schools are many and One Tertiary Institution.
The main campus of Lagos State Polytechnic is at Ikorodu. The Lagos State University outer campus lkorodu is situated in lkorodu as well

HOTEL: There are several Hospitality outlets in Ikorodu, infact Ikorodu can boast of several tourist attractions.


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