The election took place 26th December, 2020 (Boxing Day)

The inauguration is to take place January 9th, 2020.

The theme for the new administration is Amplifying our voices in selfless service. The agenda is titled TP10 and we will ensure it comes to fruition.

Names of the new Executives:

  1. Hon. Comr. Clinton Adeniji – President
  2. Comr. Omotosho Bolatito (Vice president)
  3. Comr. Abdulsalam Fatimah (Gen. Secretary)
  4. Comr. Ayuba Kabeer (Assistant General Secretary)
  5. Comr. Saliu Aliu (Director of Studies)
  6. Comr. Falodun Oyebola (Director of Sport)
  7. Comr. Ewulogbo Temi (Director of Social)
  8. Comr. Adeniji Omolade (Director of Finance)
  9. Comr. Abraham Moyo (Director of Welfare)
  10. Comr. Shittabay Adekunle (Director of Publicity)

The Elected Executive tagged their administration P• E• A• K that’s Positive Efforts for Advancement and Knowledge.

This tag was promulgated in their bid to expanding the scope of the union and creating a more literate society as it was then.

Team PEAK as it is called began their quest for a better union when they saw a need to create a better face for the union and revamp the dying union.

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