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Comrade Sesan Daini Mayorkun is the Chairman of Igbogbo Baiyeku LCDA In Ikorodu, He is a leader that understands the true essence of Community Development.

A recipient of the 2020 Ikorodu News Network (INN) Of Recognition Awards, We had a special session with the chairman to ascertain his perception on Youth Inclusiveness, Community Policing, New Igbogbo Baiyeku LCDA Secretariat and Ikorodu To The Future.

He is considered blunt and straight to the point in response with a precise in-depth knowledge of his obligations as a Leader.

INN: Let’s talk about your Administration today Sir, Looking how far you’ve come, What can you say about your Leadership Approach towards the Development of Igbogbo Baiyeku LCDA?

Sesan Daini: It has not been easy but with God on our side, we thank God for all we’ve been able to achieve. My Administration came to be in July 25th 2017, with 3years and 5months already spent, our Administration is almost coming to an end.

But in this duration we have fulfilled those mandate we had as our core project and electoral promises which is meant to touch and impact the lives of the people. Though alot of work still needs to be done but sofar we have come a long way.

When we assumed office it was Mr Akinwunmi Ambode that was onboard as governor and in 2019 there was change in Government which brought about some changes in the Administration and plans in the targeted polices of the state, And as a local government we must work inline with the state to achieve Development.

INN: What is your Perception About ‘Youth Inclusiveness’?

Sesan Daini: First of all I am a product of youth inclusiveness because I Became a council Chairman at the age of 36. With that said I can comfortably say that the government of the day, which is my party has done well in the area of including youths in the Government (though we can still do better).

Right now am not the youngest chairman, But am also not the only one in that age range in the leadership which means this Government connects the youth because also we have supervisors and Councillors who are still youths. We have at the state level 30plus as Commissioners, it indicates that the youths have alot to offer which the Government understand.

Youths are the leaders of tomorrow which we see as today, For the ones clamoring for more youth inclusiveness I really appreciate their passion and I want them to know that I commend their agitations Ikorodu/Lagos on grounds that we all know that it can only take a synergy between the young and old to make Nigeria better.

We have a task to fulfil together collectively. While the old have experience, the young have strength which means it takes both to bring Development.

INN: The New Secretariat Structure can be regarded as a legacy you’re putting to play, Can you take us through the journey of bringing this new secretariat to reality.

Sesan Daini: From history, Igbogbo Baiyeku was first created between 1955 and 1956, As a council under the western region Ikorodu, And that has been when this place has been the secretariat.

On getting to office I deemed it fit that one of the major project we would accomplish is having a modern structure as a secretariat.

Yorubas will say that it is the way you’re dress that will tell how you’re address, because if you want to seek for support and grants from Government or the International bodies and you intend to invite them on-board for meetings, The way they see you and where you meet them will determine the type of Investment grant you will eventually have access to.

I have a short story at the beginning of my Administration where I invited the United Nation for intervention in this LCDA, Which they came and we discussed in my former office about alot of mediums to support our health facilities and youth empowerment schemes. After the meeting they left and did not come back again. I was troubled & needed to know why my mails and messages was not yielding any fruits.

I later contacted one of the Facilitator to know why we are not moving forward with our plans, He then told me that I needed to do more in my Presentations, Because people need to see me and believe that i deserve what I am requesting for. I took that word to heart and told myself to take things one after the other to restructure our environment.

My office is Notting to write home about, Even Some of my staffs has no office and they’re on salaries which makes it difficult to track them down and hold them accountable for their jobs. Sometimes you would even see some staffs sitting under the tree.

This is why we had to put up that beautiful secretariat. And I stand to be corrected that the Structure is the most beautiful secretariat in Lagos state.

The Secretariat has 26 office space, 25 toilets, A hall that can accommodate 300 people, A Court Registry that is exquisite which would also generate alot of income for us. The Secretariat is not only about Offices & beauty but it’s also a means of generating good revenues.

It is set & ready for commissioning, Waiting for Mr Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu to give us a date because he has agreed to come and Commission it himself, And by the special grace of God, The commissioning should happen in January 2021

INN: So going forward, Where do you see Ikorodu in the near future?

Sesan Daini: Sincerely, I see Ikorodu as the best region in Lagos soonest. By the grace of God we’re getting to the final processing stage of the 4th mainland bridge, which is coming to Ikorodu, Landing in Baiyeku along side Ayetoro to Ijede which is also equally Ikorodu. Having that will bring alot of businesses to this region as people will easily be able to drive to and fro the Islands within 10-15 minutes.

This is a coastal area, With Ibeshe, Ijede, Ayetoro, Offin, Oreta and Baiyeku all across the coaster lines, These axis points will only attract businesses that will bring Growth and Development to this region.

With that said, I will like to say that one of the major challenge we are having is that of Road and Security. Ikorodu is known to have criminalities, unwanted characters, unecessary Development in cult Activities and social vices. Alot of factors can be attributed to this Challenges including our close boundary with Ogun state.

Some of the offenders arrested has been investigated coming from other states, That does not mean we don’t have our own people here also participating in Crimes. This is one of the major reason we are supporting Community Policing.

Personally I believe that adopting adequate Community Policing along side the normal state police will go a long way to solving the crime rate we are experiencing today.

Lagos which can be considered an economic hub of the country in west Africa cannot apply only State policing. We have different ethnic people dwelling all across the state, depending on a central form of police is not the way forward.

This is why I brought up a local Vigilante called the Local Security Joint Force, it comprises of the Onyabo, OPC, Vigilante Group, Agbekoya, Oromiyor & the new era OPC. The essence is to localise the Security.

I didn’t do it alone, I involved the two traditional Institution we have, The Adeboruwa of Igbogbo (Oba Semiu Kasali Orimadegun) & the Olubeshe Of Ibeshe (Oba Richard Abayomi Ogunsanya). We brought up Representatives to form a Committee for peace and security, With resolved to set up this community policing which we also involved the State Police so it won’t be seen as setting up another faction of police. We are just complimenting the efforts of the State.

Nigeria is a multi language Nation and in Security intelligence, language matters alot in curbing crimes. It is difficult to have someone without the knowledge of a community language helping to solve crimes. It is also paramount to have non local language speaking Security agents to solve non local language criminals Activities.

We have already set up the community policing, they have been launched across the 5 wards and Communities across the LCDA, We bought alot of equipments for them including forms of mobility (Power Bikes) and also placing them on salaries to get them dedicated to the work.

We are basically working to stop the existing crimes and also prevent future crimes.

In all i see Ikorodu moving faster, All we need is more State Government support in enhancing Security, People need to feel protected in their homes, Investors should feel secured financially coming here. If Ikorodu becomes very safe for all, It means there is no limit to what we can achieve.

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