The Incumbent Chairman (Bldr Sesan Daini) At the official APC Local Government flag-off campaign in Igbogbo Baiyeku LCDA laid emphasis on some key developmental areas which his administration would enhance on his return to the office.

After appreciating leaders and supporters alike the chairman wasted no time in looking at key areas he would improve on, tagging it ‘Electoral Promises’.

“Everything that we have started and accomplished in my first tenure will continue in the second, we’re not stopping there, more development would be seen. Better primary school educational structures and good health care facilities would be added to what we have presently”

“Whenever we receive complaints from our people, 8/10 out of that complaints is always on our road network. I must confess aside from the security challenges, the road will be on top of the chart on our to- do-list as we kick-off my second tenure. (Simply because we do not have the financial capacity to give our communities good roads), Knowing fully well that we’ll be needing good external support to achieve a better road network in Igbogbo Baiyeku LCDA

“We shall be working strategically on two areas to bring solutions to our roads, We will use our relationship, connections and leverages at both the (1) State & (2) Federal level to support us in facilitating the construction of our roads”

“Also, Just like they have the State Public Works, We’re also now going to set up a local government Public Works, this portfolio (to be well-coordinated through our councillors across the wards) would be executed to easily attend to minor road challenges like potholes, slopes and portable drainage channels to keep the road network in good shape while pressing forward”

“Heading to our Market system, We shall be embarking on a full reconstruction of Elepe Market very soon, And after we’re done with Elepe market we shall also upgrade Owode-Ibeshe market, believing by the first year of my second term these markets would be upgraded

“Security is also on top of the list, As a government, we always must secure the lives and properties of our people ensuring we create a conducive and peaceful environment for everyone. We have been trying our best and also we have done a lot to beef up the security system of our LCDA. But still, we’re going to do more to enhance our security system”

“At this junction, I will like to give a stern warning to those who are posing as security threats to us, This community will not tolerate that threat any longer. We will try our best to ensure we orientate and engage our youths for them to stay away from every form of social vices and crime. But in case they failed to be educated and empowered, we will send them to a place where they will face the full wrath of the law and they’ll be handled accordingly”

“Youth development will be a major part of our growth script to make my administration more youth inclusive because we also understand that no child is born bad, but it is the society that has made them who they’re” Bldr Sesan Daini Asserted

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