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Dedicated to shaping optimistic industry affairs to foster profitable demand arena in lkorodu Division to survive formal challenges in the enterprise community. Ikorodu chamber of commerce and industry clenched its 16th business lecture program at Ikorodu Townhall on the 2nd of November 2021.

The chamber emanated by Ikorodu division resource development group (IDRDG) was shaped to illustrate stakeholders in Ikorodu Division and enable Background membership and representation regardless of race, political affiliation, religion or association.

Council of baales, business owners and enterprise practitioners within Ikorodu division converged at the lecture which further created rooms for questions and answers handled by Mrs Folake Falana, Director, Human Resources, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives, Lagos State on behalf of the honourable commissioner for commerce, industry and Cooperatives in Lagos state (Dr Mrs Lola Akande)

Oba Kabir Adewale Shotobi (Ayangburen of Ikorodu Kingdom) Royal father of the day ably represented by Otunba Ayodele Elesho in his opening remark urged practitioners to join forces with the chamber in boosting business transaction in Ikorodu division.

“One of the first benefits I noticed from ICCI is the opportunities they provide for other business associates locally and internationally, maximizing the advantages of synergy in trade and industrial networking Valuable information sources”

“Commerce is the exchange of goods and services, especially on a large scale and ICCI creates that potentials for lkorodu Division with feasible means for members to grow in their transactional realm”

“To the best of my knowledge, ICCI was incorporated to attract business and development organisation of businessmen/women and non-profit-making, Promoting individual and their collective business interests, a tradition we must all imbibe and promote via this lecture” Otunba Elesho Asserted

Hon Babajimi Benson MHR (representing Ikorodu federal constituency) chairman of the occasion (represented by iCare Foundation’s DG Deen Sanwo-Ola, asserted means to which the chamber can be wielded to vamp up business transactions.

“I comprehended this organisation when we first intended to liaise with businesses in Ikorodu. It was amazing that maneuvering with ICCI, we prevailed to retain record to sufficient data that allowed us to create a database of 10,000 businesses”

“Acknowledging the importance of ICCI, I infer the chamber should strive and discern what they can execute to enable the local government in areas of business accessibility, agencies are haunted with effectively scaling their business and needs proper guidance”

“A lot of business doesn’t know the essence of the chamber of commerce which I think is a challenge the chamber must take up by the ICCI going forward” Deen Sanwo-Ola Averred

The chamber is missioned to represent and accommodate new business/development/expansion support and protect the interest of the business community in promoting the construction of roads, refuse dumps and liaise with the Public/Private infrastructure to enhance effective economic growth, Affording the business community accessibility to elected and trade appointed government officers and industry, the chamber is poised to improve agriculture, conserve resources and stimulate public interests.

Public lecture themed; the impact of trade fair/exhibition business growth and development allotted the floor to Mrs Folake Falana (speaking on behalf of honourable commissioner for commerce, industry and cooperatives) who orientated business practitioners on the benefits of trade fair exhibitions to boost the economy.

“Focusing on the Lagos experience, our world is fast evolving, but trade fair as a marketing strategy will enhance sales. It is an exhibition for agencies to showcase their latest products and services. There are various types of trade fairs which include national, regional, International, permanent or sequential exhibitions”

“It propels the exhibitors to project the main aim of the exposition. Vicinity and association of participants count a lot, criteria of publicity and awareness is a key part of the exhibition fair.
Security and safety is also part of it. The impact cannot be overemphasised. It brings networking technology access to market, export, external stimulation, trade opening, access to foreign material etc”

“Exhibitors understand success factors due to the trade fairs paving the way to introduction for new products and markets. It creates employment opportunities and improves the standard of living for the society”

“Lagos state as the 5th largest economy in continent of Africa, trade fairs/exhibitions has helped to enhance hotelling, restaurant, connecting buyers and sellers with knowledge sharing both locally and globally. It has contributed to the GDP of the country, providing direct growth liaison both the private and public sector in reducing business expenses” Mrs Folake Falana added

Prof Kunle Ade Wahab (President ICCI) in his closing remarks urged practitioners in Ikorodu to take advantage of the oncoming 35th Lagos International fair.

“It is the goal of the chamber to collaborate with existing businesses thereby develop Ikorodu into a megacity of scaling enterprises

“Thriving businesses cannot hide, we need more consent from companies across Ikorodu to come together and propel this chamber. The International Fair is also coming up from the 2nd – 12th of December 2021. It is time for us to step up our game and make do with business areas that have been under utilised” Prof Kunle Ade Wahab Added

Ikorodu Chamber of Commerce and Industry offers a wide range of services to members Monetary gains from contact with new customers, clients, companies; among them are; Spotlighting economic potentials, Personal ambitions to accomplish individual goals; Data processing and management Business Researchers Educational programs, Mediation and Arbitration, Corporate and personal I’mage improvement; Feasibility Studies Industry or community involvement; Consultancy Services, Personal and professional growth and development; Business Education, Pro-business participation in government; Credit Rating Entrepreneurial, Training Programmes, Projects that provide spill-over benefits to the community, Trade Fairs/Products Exhibitions, Satisfaction of belonging to a respected group; Economic Summits, Business dialogue/Luncheon/Forum Opportunity to influence public policy Production of Newsletter/Journals Social functions, among others.

ICCI subsequently presented an award of honour to the honourable commissioner (Mrs Lola Akande) for fostering a transparent business platform to engender growth and development in Lagos state.

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