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16th of November 2021 was all about intricacies at Ikorodu town hall as the 30th celebration of Ikorodu Oga day concentrated its tentacles on the food industry hosting schools across Ikorodu division

The food festival event which was also propelled by Ikorodu tourism in partnership with IKODASS featured schools like Majidun Senior High School, Fountain Superstar Ville School, United High School Ikorodu, Agbede Senior Grammar School, Kingfield College, Community Senior Grammar School gberigbe, Isiu Senior Grammar School, Ikorodu Senior High School, Oriwu Senior Model College amongst others

Royal father of the day and chief host, Oba Kabir Adewale Shotobi (Ayangburen of Ikorodu Kingdom) was wowed with ready assorted exquisiteness from students of each school presenting recipes; Ebiripo with Egusi soup, Yam Porridge, Ifokore & Eba, Akara Oka and extra as he inspected the various tables of schools with their meals

A contest, in the assertion by Mr Rotimi Erogbogbo (chairman Ikorodu Oga Development Association – IKODASS) is designed to help parents and school administrators revitalise domestic cooking habits, encouraging the preparation of locally made food which also simultaneously promotes the culture and tradition.

“One of the few ways to know the root of an individual is what they eat, the recipes they’re attracted to and the clothes they wear. At this event, we’re focusing on food because it seems the advent of fast food is gradually burying our local treats”

“Collaborating with Ikorodu tourism, we worked together to engage these schools in a cooking contest as a form food festival, winners of this competition will be taken to Abuja to contests at the national food festival, promoting similar recipes to the rest of the nation and the world”

Rotimi Erogbogbo concluded “we’re fascinated the importance of this event is completely justified with the proud response from our very own Ayangburen who even went as far as personally appreciating the students financially for their efforts in preparing their numerous meals”

According to standby professional chef judges, emerged winners of the competition was measured based on Recipe application, Table presentation, cooking procedures and neatness.

When the dust eventually settled down, Oriwu senior model college came up the first position in the cooking competition, United High school Ikorodu emerged second while Kingfield college clinched the third spot

Mr Hakeem Oduyinka Adeniji (permanent secretary Lagos state ministry of agriculture) sitting in capacity of the honourable commissioner for agriculture (Ms Abisola Ruth Olusanya) expressed his delight with the event stating the need for stakeholders to develop the food industry in Ikorodu division

“To be honest with everyone, I have never heard of a recipe called Ebiripo Egusi until I got here today, this shows that our food education is really on a decline. It gives me the joy to see students stood able to prepare such tasty delicacies at this stage of their career pathways”

“I am suggesting that we should make events like this consistent, promoting food fairs and food festivals to acquaint our people more with the introduction of new assorted meals as a form of education and sales. Let me also congratulate all participating students on behalf of our amiable commissioner for agriculture, we’re all winners by design so let’s keep exploring”

A certificate of participation and recognition was given to winners with Consolation prizes affixed.

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