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“Radio Lesson Is A Blessing To Lagos State” ~ ‘RATATA’ Of WAZOBIA FM


Emadomi Wilson popularly known as Ratata is a Musician & a Radio Presenter on Wazobia FM 95.1 in Lagos State Nigeria, The Rastafarian looking gentleman hails from Delta State, He is also the Anchor of Radio Lesson, A program that came to fruition as a result of the active partnership between The Lagos State Ministry of Education and Wazobia FM amidst the outbreak of CoVid-19 Pandemic which lead to the lockdown of every Institutions in the State.

The program is structured to educate school pupils from Mondays to Fridays mostly targetting students who are preparing for senior secondary school examinations.

Ikorodu News Network had a sit-down chat with the ‘Radio Lesson’ presenter to examine the level of impact made by this Significant stride on the students of Lagos State and how the program which is a first of its kind is accepted in this Season.

“The program was put together because of the need to keep our children validated in their knowledge and understanding in this period were everyone has been asked to stay at home. And to me it is a very welcomed and accepted program because it has been running for more than 4 weeks now” Said Mr. Wilson

INN: How did you become the presenter of this program?

Mr. Wilson: During the lockdown as a result of CoVid-19 some of our presenters was asked to stay at home and I was one of those that voluntarily decided to stay active on our radio station. As our programs was adjusted my duration for anchoring was slotted from 10am to 2pm which eventually coincided with the timing for the presentation of the Radio Lesson as the Lagos State Ministry of Education came up with the idea, It happened that I was the one available on duty at that particular point in time, not that it was due process things.

INN: Knowing that this kind of program has not been executed by you or your radio station before how were you able to cope into perfecting your craft of Presentation?

Mr. Wilson: During my school days I have had alot of teaching experiences, my uncle whom I grew up with was also a lecturer. It wasn’t stressful for me because doing it makes me feel like am actually teaching in a classroom filled with students, And by the way am just coordinating the process while we already have teachers to take the program forward. In due time I became more creative with the program by adding other effects to it, that’s my job and it comes naturally.

When we started, it just came out like you listen to the show, we did not rehearsed anything, And when my head of production followed it, it felt good, so we just went along with my kind of delivery, You can tell everybody likes it now from the young to the old.

INN: What do you think has been the Impact of Radio Lesson in Lagos State?

Mr. Wilson: The response has been Great! If you listen closely you would see how everyone is getting carried along from myself, the host teachers and our listeners/viewers. It’s quite interesting it has given me open room to be more dynamic and real in my presentations, except offcourse we are having technical difficulties which normally comes up some times.

In alot of ways the program has redefined things in Lagos State, The young ones that doesn’t listen to radio station before they now listen. It has made radio a tradition.

But in all when it comes to the teachings it has also simplified the various basic studies. Without any doubt alot of students in Lagos State have been impacted and eventually when schools are reopened it would just be a matter of intense revision.

The Radio Lesson is indeed a blessing to Lagos State!

INN: And how would you rate the students Performances in listening to your programs at this point if they are to write exams?

Mr. Wilson: We have done our job, we have played our part, we have brought the school to their Living Rooms, It is not in my position to rate the pupils, It takes follow up for a student to become better in their academic practices.

When you school an individual, they must go back and revise what they have been thought, If they don’t follow up with revisions, then the studies will be thrown away by their brain.

The parents also has alot of roles to play in this part, Radio Lesson looks like fun, but the truth is you can learn more in a fun environment, but afterwards the pupils must go back and dig deep and always remember what they have been thought.

In summary I will say Radio Lesson has been a blessing to Lagos State because this is a first of its kind and it has really helped alot of parents to pay close attention to the intellectual growth of their children.

Some parents don’t even have money to get home lesson teachers for their kids, with such a program it save them from the cost of keeping the children busy, all they need to do is ensure the children are paying attention with their writing materials and after the class they can call in to ask questions if need be.

INN: Before we go, You have a unique personality, What is your life Philosophy?

Mr. Wilson: It is simple, My philosophy is GOD & LOVE. God is Love and that is the principle I live by. As complex as I may look I live a very simple life. I don’t smoke, drink alcohol or do drugs but alot of people think I do those things because of my personality.

I see myself as an instrument of God and everything I do is scripted from above so I have been able to build my philosophy around the Love Of God.

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